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    gps not working

      My Motorola Defy recently stopped working due to a bad circuit board. (the phone couldn't hold charge). So I sent the phone to Motorola for repair. They replaced the main ciruit board and sent the phone back. The phone could hold charge again, but the GPS wasn't working anymore. So I sent it back for repair. My phone was supposedly repaired and sent back but the GPS still isn't working. It worked just fine before I sent it in for repair and I used it multiple times. I have tried GPS fix apps etc... nothing works. Motorola suggested that I contact T-Mobile to see if it has anything to do with their services... Does anybody have any suggestions of what the problem might be?? I am tired of sending my phone in for repair.


      When I turn the GPS on, I see no errors and all GPS programs confirm that it is on, they just can never find a signal. The GPS icon also no longer shows up at the top of the screen when I turn on the GPS like it did before.

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          go to location and security and make sure use gps satellite is checked trygpsstatus in app store I got a gps on ebay for $30 that d ors not rely on cell signal

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            As mentioned above try "gps status" and see how it responds.  T-mo does not supply a gps signal, satellites do.  So if you are not getting a real GPS signal, it's the phone or interference.  But that means, of course, your "Maps" should work with gps switched OFF if you have a good cell or wifi signal.  Do they?  Also, when you try GPS Status, and if you do not get a signal, try in a location that's at least a couple of miles away from the first location.  That way you can rule out local interference.