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    "Get Media Content Now" not doing anything.

      I got a Nokia Lumia 710, and I've been having a bunch of random issues.  Some are oversights and flaws with the windows phone OS, some might be defects in my account or with the phone.  Slowly as I use it I am weeding out the issues and repairing them.


      This current issue is that when I am sent a picture message, or I assume anything that isn't just text, it will show a hyperlink titled "get media content now".  When clicked, it changes to "getting media content..." and then immediately changes back to "get media content now".  It does not retrieve the media, it just loops without retrieving the data.  Any suggestions?

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          Hey cascadeorca,


          Thanks for posting.


          We have run into this issue a few times and including on my own phone.  As of right now the only resolution is to reset the device.  That has resolved the issue everytime.


          I apologize about the inconvenience.  Report back and let us know if the issue is resolved


          Thanks so much



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            Thanks Andrew,



            It's always amusing when something is such a simple solution.  I really appreciate your help.  You are awesome!



            - Josh

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              How do you "reset" the device?

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                Hey RayLynn


                Thanks for posting!


                Perform master reset - Software

                A hard reset restores the original factory settings and may erase all downloaded content, including ringtones, images, programs, and contacts stored in the internal memory. It does not erase data stored on the SIM card (if available). To perform a hard reset, follow these steps:


                1. Back up all necessary data by copying any files you want to save from your phone to your computer. 
                2. From the Start screen, swipe left. 
                3. Tap Settings
                4. Tap about
                5. Tap reset your phone
                6. Read the warning about all personal content being erased. 
                7. Tap yes
                8. Tap yes again.
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                  The instructions for a master reset states to backup all data from your phone. Other than music and pictures through Zune, how can you back up other phone data, i.e., files, messages, txt, apps, etc.?

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                    This is a rare issue with windows devices with a simple solution that does not require a reset. First you want to ensure your data is working properly with wifi turned off. If it is all you need to do is put your phone into airplane mode for about 30 seconds and once you turn it off issue should be resolved at that time. I have seen this issue a hand full of times and this has been the fix 100% of the time.

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                      Hello I have noticed that a lot of people have had the same problem as me. you get the 'getting content now' message but nothing comes up. The reason you might not be able to get pictures from people is because your data connection is turned off. if you're like me and you have this turned off because you don't want your data to go down don't worry because if your at home and connected to your wifi it doesn't effect it. All you need to do to allow your phone to get pictures is to go to settings on your phone- mobile network- then turn data connection on. you can always turn it off again once you have the media your friend has sent you. hope this helps

                      -Molly Hopkins