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    Does the SD card take up room on the system memory too?

      Ive been trying to clear out my USB storage/ memory because it seems to get very full even though I didnt think I had a lot on my device.  Any media I have (photos or videos) is all on the SD card .  Most of my apps are on the SD card except for those that cant be moved - and I limit the # of those I have.  Yet my memory keeps getting fuller and fuller.


      I was looking at the MYDEVICE app to try to figure out what else I could delete.  I notice it says EXTERNAL_SD has 51 MB which seems large to me.  Does part of my SD card also count against the system memory?  Im confused.  I thought you moved stuff to the SD card to avoid that.  Can someone please explain.


      Also does anyone know what .giq is - Is that something thats supposed to be there or something app-related that can be deleted.  That is  showing up as 21 MB.  Then Android - which I assume is just standard - is HUGE - 1411 MB.  Is it supposed to be that large?  Everything else is a couple MB or smaller - in the KB range.  So Im confused as to why my device memory gets fulller and fuller every day - even if Im not downloading apps, photos, videos, music etc onto the device? 


      Maybe one of you techies can help explain - Also what is the difference between the SYSTEM MEMORY and the STORAGE/USB - What gets saved onto what.  I think the device has 1.62GB of USB Storage (that is what Im trying to empty) and then it has DEVICE MEMORY...and I guess I dont clearly understand the difference - and what is clogging up my USB storage - which seems mostly to be Android/External SD/ .giq.  (I was able to clear out cache from the Zedge ringtone app which also seemed to be taking up a huge amount of space even though the app itself was only 2 mb on the SD card and I had only downloaded a handful of ringtones, the cache appeared to be taking up over 80 MB of space and deleting that created some breathing room)


      Ive also cleared all my call logs although that didnt seem to make a difference in the USB storage department.






      According to the MyDevice App, the top 3 culprits are


      Android 1411 MB

      External _SD 51MB (Id like to get rid of this unless the stuff on my SD card is also counting against my device storage - am I doing something wrong?)

      .giq 21 MB


      Those are the three things I need to try to minimize - everything else is just a couple MB or KBs

      So is there a way to get rid of that 51 MB of external SD?  Im still confused why that is showing up on the device storage?

      What is the normal % of USB storage?  and of device memory?  that you should optimally have

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          I wouldn't delete anything you are not sure what it is.  you'll probably cause more problems.  the SD card does not take up space on the internal memory.  the 51MB are probably hidden/system files or files you need root permissions to view.

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            Thanks for your response.


            Well let me tell you what Samsung told me & you can tell me if it makes sense - cuz it didnt to me.


            They said the External_SD files were normal because every time you download an app, root files are stored in the memory even if you immediately move it to the SD.  That just didnt make a lot of sense to me because even if it were true, those files wouldnt appear as External_SD but under their specific app.  It just seems strange to me that 50MB of memory are devoted to an SD card when youre encouraged to move things to your SD in order to create room on the phone.


            Also does the size of that Android file seem too large?  I know there's not much I can do about these files because without knowing what they are, theyre taking up a lot of memory, but it just makes me wonder if this is contributing to problems because the memory is always nearly full without anything being downloaded (no pics, music, video and only a handful of apps on the device itself - not including preinstalled ****). 


            Also they said .giq just meant gigabytes so there's no way to tell what that is either?


            Just trying to learn how Android works and these answers werent the most satisfying. 


            Also still a bit confused as to what gets saved on to device memory vs USB Storage.  If USB Storage is the apps/media files/misc ****, what is on the device memory?  They told me system files - but yet the Android files are not appearing on the device memory but the USB so it just confused me more.

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              memory and storage are 2 different things - I think you are using them interchangeably.  Memory (RAM) is controlled by the OS and will always try to keep it fill it up. That's how Linux works.  This way apps load faster, multitasks, and are ready for notifications, etc.  Storage (ROM) is for the physical files.


              the 50MB could be touchwiz stuff.  without rooting, you'll never see the whole picture or have full control of what goes on.


              Even though you install an app on your SD, the app may be saving stuff (data, images, cache, etc) to the phone's storage.  That's what's in my Android folder (rooted, different phone). 

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                I think I finally figured this out so if anyone is having a similar issue...here's what I did.  Of course, be careful when you're deleting.  Im no tech expert but due to numerous Android issues, Ive had to educate myself.


                As stated above, I kept noticing the Storage (aka USB) on the MyDevice App kept skyrocketing to close to full even though I wasnt downloading apps or media to my SD card.  Just last week, I had deleted 80 MB of "cache' from the Zedge app and yet a week later, when I checked, my device again had gone from 90% full back to 98% and I hadnt downloaded any apps onto my device or photos/videos/music etc.


                I kept seeing Android was the highest culprit and that didnt make sense.  (I still dont understand also why external_SD is taking up 50MB)...but anyway, I noticed Android had even grown larger than the last time I checked.  I decided to go into the Android files and see what was in there.  A lot of it I couldnt decipher so I didnt want to delete it....but given my experience with the Zedge 80MB Cache, I noticed that it seemed like a lot of the so-called Android Files were cache from other apps, previously deleted apps or Google Music.  So there appeared to my non-tech eyes to be a lot of cache that I thought could be deleted...from apps, games, music, amazon appstore, other 'junk' that appeared to be saved on to Android files (not to mention the preinstalled **** but that couldnt be deleted).  Anyway I carefully deleted files that I could see and appeared to be deletable...and lo and behold my USB Storage went from 98% full again to just 18%...and the Android files that were over 1500 MB five minutes ago are now only 200 MB and I wonder if thats closer to normal - what it should be.


                So if any of you knowledgable Android or Tmo folks read this, does that make sense?  Do you need to go delete cache files that are listed under Android routinely to make sure the USB storage doesnt get full.  Because I hadnt been downloading a lot of apps to my device and definitely dont have photos and videos on my device so I couldnt figure out how my 1.62 GB kept getting fuller and fuller. 


                And yes, Im talking about two different things

                The device has 1.62 GB of Storage (thats what kept getting to almost full without saving things to the device- and thats what deleting the cache Android files just brought it back down to a more reasonable 18% full)




                1.07 GB Memory - which seems to always hover around 35% full.


                Now I dont know if that Memory amount is much lower than the higher-end devices; thats why some people have said that my device constantly has problems with daily freezing followed by power cycling.

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                  first off, the usb storage/ storage is your sd card. so moving everything to your sd card is what causes your memory us there to go up. the system merory part is your phone's internal memory. on the my device app you can't view what is on your phones memory (at least i can't on my MY Touch 3g or my Sensation). The external sd part that is taking up most of your memory is the root data and it is what should be taking up a large portion of your memory but the andriod file on your card is considerably larger than whats on my card (about 20 mb). I'm not sure if that is a problem that should be adressed. but i think that might be your cache information and that's why it goes down so dramatically when your clear your cache (most of my apps are stored on the phone so it would also explain why your's is so much larger than mine). So in short you want to look at the system memory usage if your trying to clear your phone not your storage.

                  Not the biggest techie but i think a .giq is an image file but i'm probably wrong about that.

                  Hope that helps


                  ps forgot to answer the main question     doe the sd card take up room on the system memory too?

                  no absolutly not

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                    Thanks for taking the time to respond...but Im still a bit confused.


                    You said USB Storage is your SD card.  I have a 16GB SD Card which actually seems to register as 14.83GB total space.  But there is the phone storage.memory which says USB Storage 1.62 GB (thats what kept filling up - and as it was explained to me thats where apps, photos, music, videos stored on the device end up) and then theres also "Device Memory" of 1.07GB.  (On the Tmobile MyDevice App the "Device Memory" is called "System Memory" and the USB Storage is just called "Storage"...and all of this is separate from the available 365MB of RAM).  Ive always been confused as to what the 1.07GB Device Memory is vs the 1.62GB USB Storage vs the RAM.


                    Anyway, you said you cant see whats on your device memory?  At least the USB Storage shows up on the Tmobile MyDevice App when you click on Storage.  So thats how I noticed that it kept filling up even though I wasnt adding new media to the phone.  I have a few apps installed on the phone, but if it can be moved to an SD card, I do that.  But yet the USB Storage kept filling up even though I wasnt adding stuff to it.  It got to the point that my photo gallery wouldnt open & I kept getting error messages that the memory was full and stuff had to be deleted, but I didnt know what to do.  Unfortunately as always, calls to Tmobile and Samsung led no where.  So I figured it out myself.  The Android files seemed HUGE and by looking at the individual files, I figured out that cache kept being stored on the device.  So I deleted a bunch of files and went from over 2000MB of Android files and my phone constantly registering as 99% full  to 140MB and only 14% full.  I then emailed a couple of app developers who confirmed this.  But compared to what youre saying of 20MB of Android files, Im still pretty high - but you can imagine my Android files were 100X what you have.  And it just made no sense because it just kept filling up without my adding anything.


                    I still dont know if the external SD registering 52 MB on the USB Storage is normal or not - but I guess for now, I wont worry about that.  But I am confused because at the end you said that the SD card shouldnt be on the system memory too - but earlier you said root files would show up.  I dont know if again this is confusing the "Device Memory" vs the "USB Storage" - Im seeing 52MB labled external_SD on the USB Storage.


                    As for giq being an image?  It says 21MB , I dont have an image that large..but I dont know where thats coming from so I cant see what that is.


                    Basically, if you have the TMobile MyDevice App, Im talking about going to "Storage & BatterY" & then clicking the middle part where it says Storage and I get a list of all the files - where it says the % used and the MB left

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                      i'm under the impression that the information you are getting is from the my device app. if thats the case the top part labeled system memory is the internal phones memory and the second part labeled storage is the sd card.

                      as far as the .giq thing like i said i'm probably wrong about that casue i really don't know much about file extensions

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                        The second part is the phones storage (USB) - not the SD card.  It says 1.62GB which is the phones storage; I have a 16GB SD Card.  The numbers (ie 1.62GB) match what you can find by going to Settings/Storage from the main menu.


                        Maybe your phone is different but thats what shows on mine.  Im definitely not confusing whats on the SD card and whats on the device storage

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                          no sir but you are wrong about that if you were to remove your sd card and than go into your my device app it will say "no sd card available" under the storage but the system memory is unaffected. maybe that might clear up some of the confusion

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                            So why is the SD card a 16 GB SD Card and the Storage on the MYDEVICE APP is 1.62 GB which equals the device storage - Same as I can see if I check Settings/Storage

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                              You wrong. I have the same thing.

                              There is a USB storage which is 2 GB and I have a SD card with 32 GB. And there is Internal Memory of 1 GB and there is a Phone Memory of 360 Meg.


                              ON some Apps I can specified where the files can go but like move apps to SD Card is not working with my phone. The Apps are moved to USB storage in which case I'm running out of room. And I'm trying to find something that will rederect all downloads and install to External SD Card and not USB Storage that phone things in some apps that is a SD Card.