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    USB mount to PC

      i am unable to get my phone to connet to any computer. i have tried diffrent cords and eveything. Any one else have this problem

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          I get that problem sometimes.  Reboot the phone.  Annoying but works.  Perhaps some update will come along and fix it.  But rebooting the phone in the morning is probably a good routine to get into... I don't do that... not yet, but it has been recommended before and certainly shouldn't hurt as far as I can see.

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            I have 3 laptops and one custom built desktop and I never get this problem.  I downloaded the drivers from the Samsung.com website and I've been good every since.

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              Hi there,


              Yes, both Erroneus and animaleyezz provided great suggestions.


              Here's a link to instructions for connecting your phone, there's also a link on that document to download the USB drivers if you need them.

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                i reboot often and still doesn't help.


                i never had this problem before. (no offence but i use to be able took hook up to any computer at work Macs, hp and dells. no all of a sudden i cant.)


                installed the driver on my HP desktop and still wont connect via USB.

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                  Are you using the same cable?  Maybe there's a short in the cable try swapping that out  and  It this problem repeats itself then I 'd take it to the T-Mobile store and let them see it if you're still under warranty they may be able to help.

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                    i only use the OEM cord when connecting to the computer. when i charge its either with powermat or my old HTC cord so i don't cause any were our tare on the samsung cord.

                    i have tried and/or use the following cords with no luck. radio shack, windows phone, other samsung, and my old HTC G2 cord. nothing

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                      Variables like Powermat raises red flags to me.  I'm not at all familiar with how it works but if it can be removed from the equation try doing so.

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                        to clear animaleyezz concer, had this problem before using powermat. (its the collection of other problems that i am having that as lead me here)


                        powermat- its a charging station the will charge any device and shut the station off once the battery is fully charged, avoiding over charging and damaging the battery (station does not power back on as battery gets low)

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                          If it were me, once I noticed the original problem, I wouldn't be interested in spending more money on a problem.  It just seems logical to me that once I discovered the problem I would contact T-Mobile.

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                            Hello again bakerboy525,



                            It sounds like there may be a warranty issue going on on your phone. Though the powermat probably isn't causing our problem, for now we'd want to check if the phone charges through a normal USB cord to wall, since that uses the same port that's used to connect to a PC.


                            When your phone's plugged in to a PC, does it take a charge?


                            Either way, we'll need to have our tech troubleshoot your phone, and either fix this issue or help you set up a replacement.