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    MMS issues with Factory Unlocked Iphone 4s

      I have a factory unlocked Iphone 4s.


      Earlier today, I called Tmobile Tech Support for settings to enable MMS.  The instructions they emailed me are at the end of this email.


      Bottom line is that when I followed the instructions, yes, the MMS worked, but the normal text messaging (SMS) stopped working! In order to get SMS to start working, I had to turn "MMS Messaging" to off.


      Here's what Tmobile sent me, and again, my Iphone is factory unlocked but not jailbroken, so I can't go the Cydia route:


      Any help appreciated.




      1. Tap Cellular Data Network
      1. Configure as follows: 
      2. APNepc.tmobile.com
      • Username: <Leave Blank> 
      • Password: <Leave Blank>
      1. Enter the following information under the MMS section:
      2. APNepc.tmobile.com 
      1. Press the Home button to return to the Main Menu. 
      2. Press the Homebutton to save the APN and exit to the main screen


      Verify MMS is enabled:


      1. Tap Settings
      2. Tap Messages
      3. Tap MMS
      4. Set MMS Messaging to On


      Then powercycle your device and test it.