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    sim card crash

      Has anyone else had their sim card crash lately? My Samsung Galaxy S 4G has lost another sim card and while I was in the store trying to get it fixed another customer came in with the same problem. Just wondering how big a proble this is?

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          Hi boltsman,

               When you say your SIM is crashing, or the phone lost it, what exactly is happening? Does your phone give you error messages? How long had you had your previous SIM card before it needed to be replaced?

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            I have not service at all when it crashed. The first time on Febuary 17th In store they replaced the sim card three times and it worked until yesterday, when I lost all service and it said "insert sim car"  again. Also just a few days ago for some reason all of my Mobile Network settings. So I had no date service at all. Just basic cell service. The first card was about 6 months old and the last was less than one month old.


            Thanks for the interest!

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              Hi there,


              It sounds like your phone is having trouble reading that card for some reason. Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this.


              First off, please check here, to make sure the SIM is in there correctly and isn't loose or anything.


              Second, have you checked for the latest software? Updating to the latest software often can repair glitches and bugs.


              Either way, please let us know if this helps or not.

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                Hi again boltsman,

                     As tmo_chris stated, we want to make sure your SIM is inserted correctly and the software is updated. If so, since you have had the same issue with multiple phones, a master reset will be the next step to take.

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                  Yes I know a master reset was what ended up hapnening. Unfortunatly I was not aware that is what the worker was doing so I lost LOTS of stuff that I needed. Plus that did not really fix the issue. Still ended up with a new phone and now this issue has started again. I am pretty sure this is a software issue because I have ran into at least two other people with the same phone and the same problem.