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    . Also based on what you said they are honoring the warranty by having you send it in to fix it or try to.

    If they didn't offer that I could see denying it but they are not. Just because it is not what we want don't mean they are not honoring the warranty

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    The main point here is for others to see what I've experienced so they can decided BEFORE they buy a Springboard what to expect so that they don't have to go through what I have.


    They can expect that there is a good chance that the tablet will not work as expected.

    They can expect Tmobile to not support the Springboard, or the service they have to pay for, in any manner whatsoever.

    They can expect Huawei to customer service agents to give them attitude, lie to them and not support their own product.

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    During the conference call conversation with Tmobile and Huawei the supervisor we were speaking with said they will NOT replace the defective unit - period.  He said my only option is to send it back in for repair again.  There was considerable more discussion and him looking at what little notes that were on his computer.  After all was said and done - the supervisor at Huawei said they would not do anything different than what they've already done - which is nothing.  He said the technicians don't have the time to sit and watch the tablet to wait and see if it reboots itself.


    I take this to mean that they won't fix it or replace it - which to me means not honoring the warranty.


    Based on several forum comments and various reviews I've read around the internet, this appears to be a fairly common problem so you would think they would know by now how to fix it.

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    If I entered into a 24-month contract, controlled by an ETF, which was predicated on DirecTV supplying the TV, and the TV was a significant element in the whole deal, yes I would expect some help from DirecTV: particularly if the manufacturer took months to respond to a legitimate report of a defect, took the device from me to repair (during which time I couldn't receive service) and then sent the device back with the same problem and indicated that they wouldn't do anything other than repeat the steps over again if I sent to device back a second (or subsequent) time.


    Of course, DirecTV doesn't operate in this way for obvious reasons: they sensibly don't want to be implicated in a process over which they have no control.


    You rightly point out that the support arrangement for this device is different from other devices sold through TM. Why is that? Why does TM act in this way for this device?


    The warranty isn't to provide an RMA procedure that may or may not result in a servicable device. The warranty is (or should be) to repair or replace a defective device. That means, one way or the other, the customer is entitled to a device returned to them that does not have the same defect.

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    UPDATE: 5/1/12


    I was contacted my a forum moderater and Tforce - Tmobile's specialty department for customer complaints - and guess what...


    oh...a Springboard ... sorry, but Tmobile can't help you with that, you have to deal with the manufacturer who won't help you


    I strongly suggest Tmobile have their name taken off the Springboard and stop selling it unless they're going to support it.

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    Anyone want to buy a Springboard tablet?


    It's still under warranty



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    Well in all my dealing with other electronics it is a RMA procedure where you send you phone, tablet, device to the manufacturer they fix it and send it back.

    This is where Huawei is failing and they need to step up and fix it.

    Sadly if they didn't resolve it the first time it needs to go back again.

    I had the same problem with a Asus motherboard and was upset too to see it having the same problem. I called the company, sent it back to them again and when came back the second time it was working fine now.

    Sometimes it is not always the best but that is what is covered under warranty.

    You will still need to work with Huawei to have it repaired though. They did offer that.

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    The supervisor at Huawei said that they didn't have the time to monitor it and probably wouldn't do anything different that what they already did.  That's offering to repair it???

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    The icing on the cake just happened...


    I went into my account to change from 5gb to 2gb on my phone and when I tried to do it the bill actually increased $20 a month so I called customer service to see what I could do.  Of course I got a female that was very patronizing and spoke very broken English.


    Here's the icing - she advised me that I am paying $10 a month to suspend my account on the tablet that doesn't work.  She said I agreed to it.  I told her NO I DID NOT - I was told they would suspend the account as a courtesy until the tablet was fixed - I was never advised of a charge, because I would not have agreed to it.  She said that is not what is on my account and they would not suspend my account for free.


    I asked to be transferred to the cancellation department and she transferred me, but after a few seconds on hold I was disconnected...surprise ... surprise.


    Guess I'm lucky there aren't any Tmobile stores in the city where I live - if I went in there and told them what I thought of Tmobile I would probably get arrested.

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    Looks like I'll be selling my Samsung Galaxy S2 in addition to my Springboard

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    Give you 200 for your S2?

    That would cover your ETF.


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    Wow. Sounds like you're getting the shaft from both Huawei and T-Mobile. Since they won't replace the tablet and you're stuck with it, I would suggest you try and root it. (It voids the warranty, but so what? The warranty isn't doing you any good at the moment). And it would be funny if rooting it to Ice Cream Sandwich would fix some of your issues.


    Don't know if the link will be allowed but here it is:



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    Well - Tmobile has made it very obvious that they want me to cancel my service with them after 13 years.


    In addition to not support a product with their name on it - the Springboard tablet - they basically admitted that I was lied to by their customer service agents, but will not do anything about it.


    The "customer loyalty" told me they could suspend my account until the tablet was fixed at no charge since I was obviously shipped a defective unit.  Come to find out now that they are charging me $10 a month for no service on a unit that is defective.  I had also been told they would give me a disounted rate once my tablet was fixed as compensation for my trouble, but according to the latest ESL agent there is nothing in my account about this, I will be charged $60 a month once my tablet service is restored and $10 a month until I restore that service.


    I only found this out because I tried changing the data plan on my phone from 5g back to 2g since I wasn't using much.  When I tried to do this online it showed my bill increasing by $20 a month instead of reducing the bill.  So I called into customer service and asked her to change it and also I wanted to know why my online account showed my bill to be over $50 higher than what I have been paying.  She didn't directly answer the question, just read off all the charges and that's when I found out that the "customer loyalty" agent apparently lied to me.


    If you are considering getting Tmobile or staying with Tmobile, I strongly suggest you think twice.  I have been with TM since they were VoiceStream and have never encountered the numerous and consistent problems I have over the past year or so.  TM is obviously going the wrong direction, especially if they contract more handsets with Huawei (who has horrible customer service and won't back up their products) as scheduled.


    FYI - I'm not a ranting little teen who isn't getting their way after they destroyed equipment - I am a professional 50 year old female who just wants decent customer service and promises to be kept.

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    I had similar problems with them regarding erronious billing and was unable to get anything resolved until I filed a complaint with the FCC on line. TM called me within 48 hours of filing.


    This was from a problem that began in July 2011. After numerous failed attempts at contacting TM (phone and online help), no one could explain my bill and tell me what, if anything I owed. I also sent them 4 letters-no response. So I guessed what I owed (there was a credit for an ETF and 10 days of service they charged in error)-apparently it wasn't enough so they sent me to collections. I have excellent credit and actively tried to reach them so I could pay my balance.


    Long story short: They switched me to month to month-in ERROR-10 days before my contract ended. I had asked them that WHEN my contract ended, I didn't want to sign up for another 2 years-that I wanted to be month to month. They asked me to call back a few days before my contract ended to confirm and they would make the change when it ended. Instead, they switched me THAT DAY. Getting my phone back on took 5-6 hours due to their error. It was a nightmare. I could no longer see my past payments on their website-had no idea what I owed with all the ETF credits/debits/pro-rated service for 10 days etc...


    I was a customer for 10 years. No more. I highly recommend filing an FCC complaint.

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    I will agree with that class action law suit.  i will sign when you decide to pursue it.  I am one frustrated, disappointed and very angry Springboard user.  TMobile and Huawei should own up to their mistakes. 


    Run.fast.very.fast is a classic example of what was building up on my own emotion. I could have ended up dead or in the hospital if I did what Run.Fast.Very.Fast experienced.  I value your input, RFVF and the guys above who took time to discuss this horrendous experience with Huawei and TMobile.  And you couldn't even break loose the contract.  It's like an anchor clasp on your ankle.  Try to run from it, you would lose an arm and a leg.  My own sentiment.


    Us, Springboard users/owners were dupe to buying it.  Duped again for not getting the proper after sales support.  We could have enjoyed those frustrating long hours over the phone with TMO-Hua INSTEAD into something worth our precious time and resources.  Lawyers will be happy to help us.  We experienced the problem firsthand.  You do not have to finish school to see how even a kid would see how us adults were conned and disregarded.