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Things you will enjoy once your Sensation has the "Official" ICS Update


Since I know I'm not the only one who has a copy of the "Final" ICS ROM before it hits the US devices "officially".  I'd like to have this thread as a place were we who know what the "stock" folks have coming can inform them what they have to look forward to.  I mean in terms of specific features and answering any basic questions. This thread might also help folks running "stock" to know what to check out first once they do have the ICS OTA update.


So here's some things I'm REALLY enjoying about the ICS Sensation update:

  • Voice to text. The voice to text is much nicer in the ICS update.  With the Gingerbread version, you'd speak and it would wait till you were totally finished before it started trying to type.  This meant long statements usually had more errors.  But with ICS, its starts typing just after you speak words, so it's far more accurate.  It also underlines words it was not sure about and when you press on them it gives other alternatives that it thinks might be what you were trying to say.
  • Making folders.  It's so much easier to make new folders on your homepages with ICS.  You just drag one icon over and drop it on any other icon, and a folder is instantly created.  So drop the G-Mail icon on top of an E-Mail icon on your home screen and you have an instant folder with both your mail app icons.  You can then open and name the folder.  Much easier than with Gingerbread.
  • Button bar at the bottom of the screen.  Makes it very easy to get those often used apps all the time and they become your lock screen app icons.
  • Notification bar and quick settings.  Just looks nicer and has cool animation when you clear notifications .
  • Face recognition Unlock.  I've got this listed last of the things I can think of, because although I like having this feature, it can be a bit of a hassle at times.  Because it unlocks based off the "shape" of your head more than your actual "face".  So when you attempt to unlock, you must have your head in a similar position as when you set the face unlock up the first time.  This means, if you set it up while standing up straight, if you attempt to unlock while sitting in a chair looking down at your device, your head is positioned differently and may not be recognized.  I guess it's a good enough initial release version though.
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