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    Sidekick 4G keeps restarting

           About a week ago it started randomly resetting. It would go to the main page where it just says samsung before the reset video and it would keep playing that. If the video played then I was lucky enough to use my phone for a bit but later on it would just do the same thing all over again. If I press the hold button on the side to hide everything it comes up with the menu asking if I want to turn it off, put it on silent mode, or airplane mode. When I press back to get out of that then it begins to restart again.


           When I was lucky enough for it to be on I reset it to factory settings in hope it would be fine. It's still resetting though. Also when I have it plugged in to charge the battery it goes to a screen with just the battery and how much it's full. But instead of green where it should be charged it has just a refresh circle and keeps lighting up then going dark.


           Not sure what I should be doing. I'm tired of it so for now I'm going to go look for my old sidekick. Any ideas?