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    How do I get apps to download to my SD card?

      So, I've been downloading a decent amount of apps lately, and I've noticed i've been running low on disk space(on myTouch 3g Slide). So I tried taking out my 8GB micro SD Card and put in my 16GB, and nothing. So, I went to settings and checked my SD & Phone Storage, All of my things were downloading to the phone storage as opposed to the 14GB availability of the SD card. How do I make it so all of my loose data goes to my SD card instead of my phone storage?!

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          Hi yovaderx79,

               You are able to move app to your SD card as long as you are running the 2.2 software on your phone. To move an installed application to the SD card, follow the below steps:

            1. First, ensure that the application is installed to your device as normal, and that the app can be moved to the SD card. 
              • Note: Some apps do NOT support the Move to SD card option. For questions on support for individual apps, please contact the developer.
            2. From the Home screen, press the Menu key. 
            3. Tap Settings
            4. Scroll to and tap on Applications
            5. Tap on Manage Applications
            6. Scroll to the app you wish to move and tap on it. 
              • Note: You can filter installed applications to make only your downloaded apps visible by way of the tabs across the top of this screen.
            7. If the app can be moved to the SD card, you will see the Move to SD card button next to Clear Data. Tap on it.
            8. After a few moments the app will now be installed to the SD card. The Move to SD card button will now change to Move to Phone. (Note: If at any time you desire to move the app back to the phone memory, repeat steps 2 - 6 above and then tap on Move to Phone.)
            9. Test the app. If it does not work properly, repeat this process to move it back to the phone memory.