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How do I block a phone number?

I am receiving unncessary calls from a specific phone.  How do I block the phone number?

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    While you can use T-Mobile's "Family Allowances" feature to block certain numbers, you can also find applications in the market that may be able to block unwanted numbers as well, just be careful as these apps are outside of T-Mobile.




    As the phone comes out of the box, it is equipped with the ability to forward unwanted calls.


    Call Forwarding Conditional (CFC) forwards incoming calls to  another phone number if you do not or cannot answer them (no reply, busy,  unavailable) seconds to delay.


    To activate conditional call forwarding, follow these steps:


    1. From any Home screen, tap Menu key.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap Call settings.
    4. Tap Call forwarding.
    5. Tap a forwarding option:
      1. Forward when busy
      2. Forward when unanswered
      3. Forward when unreachable
    6. Enter the phone number you want to forward to, or tap the Silhouette icon to select a number from your contact list.
          Note: The number for voice mail forwarding is +13605453466.
    7. Tap Update.


    I hope this information helps.