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how do i turn off my voice mail?

I have a issue with people calling me and saying they are one person and they are another. i am wandering if i de activate my voice mail..

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    Hey nki-njayon!


    Disabling the voicemail is definitely a possibility but you'll need to contact us to remove it.  This will not prevent anyone from calling you.  It will only prevent anyone from leaving a voicemail message, they will only hear ringing.


    Hope this helps!


    - Ian

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    but how could one disable voice mail system without callers having to land in a general voicemail system and hearing: "You've reached the voice mail system.. If you have a mailbox on this system, press star. To leave a message for someone, enter their ten digit number now..."?


    Can you disable also the network "conditional" forwarding? T-Mobile in Europe has an option of notifiyng callers with a free message that the number is not available. I want exactly the same simple option. How can I get that?