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Upgrading to Android 2.1

The instructions from T-Mobile are too complicated and did not work for me. You can do it easily with any operating system, I used Linux.


1. Connect the phone to the computer.

2. Find where the information on the phone SD card is located. In Windows it is in removable storage.

3. Open it up and transfer all files there, by copy and paste, to somewhere else in the computer. This is a back-up precaution.

4. Go back to the SD card and delete everything.

5. Now, using any browser, download "Blur_Version.2.1.5.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US.zip". It comes from Motorola but you can just Google it to find where to get it.

6. After it is downloaded, copy it to the SD card.


7. Disconnect the phone from the computer and restart the phone.

8. Go to "Settings", "About phone", "System updates".

9. After searching for a while, it will tell you that an upgrade is available.

10. Click "Install".