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    My Chrome Polished HTC Sensation Frame


      So I decided to follow this guide I found on another forum to polish the frame of our Sensation.  Here's how mine turned out!  I even polished the camera frame piece if you notice! 








      Overall this took about 15+ total hours over a 4 day period.  My hands hurt from all the sanding to do it in any less of a timeframe, lol.  The sanding was definitely the hardest part of the whole process.  I would definitely recommend for anyone to try this!  I purchased an extra cover on ebay, and kept the original cover that came with my phone as a backup in case I did something wrong.  So now I have a chrome frame, and the original frame that came with the phone!  So in case I get tired of a certain look, I can always switch it up, lol.


      You can see that on the plastics of the back cover there are a couple bulges.  That was from the initial separation process.  The glue was really hard to separate the plastics from the frame, so I had to use quite a bit of force.  Regretfully, that also did a little bit of damage...  I later discovered that if you use a hairdryer or lighter to heat the metal frame, that will soften the glue holding the plastics, and therefore make it easier to separate the pieces.  I was mad that I did not think of that earlier, I would have saved myself the struggle and the damage that I did.  So learn from my mistake if you choose to do this for yourselves!  haha


      In case you want to do this for yourselves, here is the link to the blog that I followed the instructions from. All credit goes to Paul White for the awesome idea, and wonderful instructions!  Thanks Paul! 




      Any questions, feel free to ask!

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          i saw that when it was first posted but was just afraid to do it because i knew i'd mess something up lol .. but it looks good.

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            thanks!  i would give it a shot if i were you! 


            really the hardest part of doing any damage is the initial disassembly, removing the plastics from the metal frame.  the glue was hard to separate.  however, if you use a hairdryer to soften the glue, that should make it a lot easier.  (dont forget to take the 2 bottom screws out!)


            once everything is separated, the sanding process was tedious, but there was really no way to mess that up.  lol.  once you sand it all down, all you do is polish the frame for 20 minutes, and then reassemble everything, and your all set!


            if you are worried about messing up your case, buy one online and then attempt to do this on the new one.  heres the site that i bought an extra case from:




            ive already had multiple people come up to me and ask me what phone i have since ive done this.  haha.  it really makes the phone look like something completely new, and nothing that anyone has seen before.