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    Why can't I log into my T-Mobile account

      I've been trying to log into to t-mobile.com but it keeps telling me "This password doesn't match our records." I just got my phone today and it works.. but it just won't let me log in. I've called my new phone and texted my new phone but T-Mobile.com won't send me a new password. It says that it's been sent but I never get it! I was talking with support over the phone earlier and he said he registered me with my password. I try that password with the new # and it won't work. This was around 3:20PM and it's 5:22 PM now. He told me to wait about 2 hours for my line to connect or something but I didn't really understand it because my phone is working. I got a text from 1511 (T-Mobile) saying "Welcome to T-Mobile! To change your plan, pay your bill or check your minutes go to my.t-mobile.com. Your mobile number is ______." This was after my phone call with support. I have received nothing else.

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          This happened to me yesterday, I knew I was entering the correct pin but it kept telling me it was wrong.  What finally worked was clicking on "forgot password"....1 hour later it finally sent me the temporary password. It actually said I was locked out of my account, but I went trough the my account app and went to go make a payment,  that's when I saw the "forgot password" link. ....