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    samsung galaxy s2 wont boot

      Hey all. I need help ASAP. I bought 2 galaxy s2 last week. My wives works fine. Whenever I reboot my phone, it gets stuck on the samsung screen. It makes noises like im getting txts and emails etc but stuck on samsung screen. I went to the tmobile store and got a brand new phone. i just rebooted it  to see if it will work, and the same problem. Any ideas.

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          Bad SIM?  Bad memory card?  Have you tried swapping yours with the wife's?

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            they have seemed to work. i googled it and someone said to do a factory wipe. i did and it booted up. but i had to redo everything. i dont want to have to do this everytime its rebooted though

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              I wouldn't either.  What are you doing differently from your wife's phone?  Installing any particular software?  What was involved in "redoing" everything?  Kinda sounds like it was something you did in the process of configuring and customizing.

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                I would agree with erroneus, it sounds like it's most likely a software issue.  Next time you try a factory reset don't sync your google account right away and see if without syncing any apps the issue comes back - that'll give you the best idea as to whether it's software or hardware related.

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                  It did it again. I have downloaded a chicago bulls theme for my phone. thats the only thing i have different on my phone than my wives. SO today, when it happened, i used the factory wipe and had to redo everything again. By redoing, i men setting up google account, change txt settings, ringtones, etc. Factory wipe means all the user settings are reset. I didnt apply my bulls theme, rebooted my phone, bam, no problems. Any suggestions because this theme is a great theme. I paid for it, and i cant use it. Thanks all for the replies.

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                    You may just have to eat the money on the theme (unless the developer is kind enough to give you a refund). Run without it for a while. If it does it again, then it's not the theme.

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                      One last thing if you haven't done it already -- once you confirm it is the theme (and it really sounds like it is the way you describe it) then you need to file a compatibility report with the maker of the theme.  It's how the community works.


                      Where did this theme come from?  Often times, themes are just color, icon and background changes.  Other times it involves little bits of code to adjust behaviors and/or display affects.  When coding is involved, compatibility issues can creep in there as well.  But, as has been shown in cases involving Microsoft software, even image files can contain code which can be executed (ref: WMF exploit) or otherwise could exploit the code which reads image files resulting in 'the unexpected.' 


                      This theme may have some bad code or maybe bad images which are inadvertently triggering 'the unexpected' in some of the code in Android.  It wouldn't be the first time I'm sure.  But reporting the problem is usually the first step to getting it resolved.


                      Where did this theme come from?