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    Not registered on Network

      What do I do if my phone says "Not registered on Network"?  I cannot make any calls

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          • Verify if your device is not in airplane mode. It should not be.
          • Try to check if you are experiencing the problem in 3G/4G mode. Change your band to GSM only by going to Settings, Wireless & Network, Mobile Networks, Network Mode.
          • Try to turn off your phone, remove the battery and SIM card, put them on and and turn it on again.
          • If you changed your handset and/or SIM card, it is best to call Customer Care to update your handset and SIM information in your account.
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            I agree with charles. Just to be sure, It would be best of you could contact Tech Support or Customer Care for assistance if the above suggestion does not work..

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              No need to check if airplane mode is on ; the error message does not relate .


                   Turn off your phone .

              Remove the battery and sim card  , and  reinsert .

              Turn back on and if issue persist  , Go to Settings- Wireless and networks - Mobile networks - Network operators.

              Search for networks and select T-mobile .

                 If your problem continues , please contact T-mobile Technical support to verify your account is correctly set up .

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                Hey terriaob!


                Were any of these suggestions helpful in resolving your issue?  If so, let us know!


                Thanks for joining the Community!


                - Ian

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                  i have same problem None of the things mentioned have worked, turnred if off an on,removed battery, ,master reset i did and everything i between so now what? my sim works fine in my old razor phone and worked fine for 3 days in this phone (sidekick) even when someone calls me it wont ring on my end or tell me i have a message NOTHING. WTF?



                  but i can get online check my email,facebook , but no calls !!!! i think i should get a new phone and a different service to go with it

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                    I have the same problem from time to time. Sometimes turning the phone off will make it re "register" itself. If not you can go into Wireless and network ---> Mobile networks --> Network operators --> Search now  and then select your carrier. It has worked for me in the past. Hope this helps!

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                      This is a most aggravating problem and ridiculous that it can't be solved.  It happens to me everyday, usually when I go into my place of business (which is shown on the coverage map as "strong."    I have turned my phone off, taken the battery out, gotten a new sim card, reset my phone, thereby losing some of my apps, and the problem persists.  I have talked to customer service three times and talked to my local store. On the phone with customer service, they had me take the battery out and put it back in and they reset my sim card.  So of course the phone worked,  The customer service rep said "Well it seems to be working now, so there isn't any more that I can do."  Of course it was working!  No one seems to care or think that it is unusual to have to TAKE YOUR BATTERY OUT to make your phone work!!!!  The main problem is that once it goes into the "not registered on network" mode, you don't realize that it has happened.  You don't get any calls, any voice mails, any anything.  My family was trying to reach me and the voice mails didn't come through until hours later when I realized that the phone had gone into stupid mode.  I am calling today to see how to get out of my contract.  There has to be a better way than this. 

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                        Well, that's all fancy and all, but I too am having the same dang problem with our phone.  To top it off though - when I go to Wireless and network ---> Mobile networks --> Network operators --> I get the message at the bottom that says " Error while searching for networks".  I have DSL wireless coverage, no bars and no 2G, 3G or 4G up at the top of the phone.  Is my coverage where I'm at soo poor that I'm up a creek w/o a paddle.

                        I have been chatting on 2 occasions with T-Mobile support chat.  I've reset my phone, I've turn it off, turned it on etc.  I was told to contact them when the message came back up about registering.

                        So... if you can help - That would be WONDERFUL.  We don't have a land line anymore because this was cheaper.  With all the hiccups - now I'm not so sure.

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                          There is an app at the Google Playstore called "Signal Repair"...it's pretty good..will usually add one or two bars to my signal if I'm showing no bars.  You might have to root your phone to use it so please do some studying about rooting first.

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                            I could not find anything that said "signal repair" on the play store. Could you please reply with the exact name of the app? I have EXTREMELY poor service at work, at home, everywhere all the time. Doesn't seem right having to pay EXTRA for 4g speeds when I barely get 2g most of the time. Thanks a million!