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    8107 update for 710?

      I see that my old phone, the HTC Radar, is finally receiving the 8107 update.  Will the Lumia receive one as well, or is the Lumia more complicated due the to fact that is a Nokia device?  Or will there be some other update with a different build released for the Lumia 710?

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          As seen with the recent HTC Radar update, no details are officially shared in advance of any software updates so you may get more info (reliability uncertain, of course) from external sources


          In a hypothetical context, if a software update is being worked on, it will involve the OEM (nokia), the carrier (T-Mobile) and MSFT and they will work together to sort out testing and rollout schedule, etc, and then when ready it will show up via Zune.

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            It's been nearly 3 months since this has received a reply...


            What is taking T-Mobile so long?  Seriously...there hasn't been a single bug fix for this phone since its release back in January......