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VOIP support

I use Google Voice / Talk as my phone management system. I use it for work, home, labtop and my cell. I would also like to use it for my new T-Mobile Springboard. In either wi-fi or 3g,4g service, while trying to place VOIP calls with this tablet, the receiving party experiences feedback echo which makes the conversation very difficult. I believe the speaker on the tablet loops back into the mic providing the echo. I have side stepped this issue by using headphones or bluetooth headset and disabling the speakerphone. The only problem is that while the speakerphone is off the tablet does not ring, it depends on the headphones to notify. This is not user friendly. Also the bluetooth does not operate with the tablet like it does with a phone. The headset speaker is all that works the mic does not, resulting in still having to speak near the tablet. I understand that this tablet may not have been designed for this feature. T-mobile may choose to not activate the Voice Over function with the manufacturers for their devices, however I believe that Samsung Galaxy Tab provides this function automatically. I wish to use this tablet to it's full potential. How do I activate the Springboard tablet to allow 2 way conversations without this awful echo.

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    Hey reoj1983!


    The SpringBoard was not designed with phone calls in mind.  That being said, I believe the device supports Video chat with the front facing camera.  Does the issue occur when using video chat?  Let us know!


    - Ian