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    Ice Cream Sandwich Anyone?

      Has anyone tried the "Passion" ROM on their Vibrant yet?? And if so, do you like it?? I want to try it but i'm afraid and I don't know if it's worth it...

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          Yes ICS Passion ROM is freakin' SWEEEEET!!! WAAAY faster than the Galaxy S2.. The developers @ XDA are awesome... Feels like a whole new phone. I highly suggest you just try it out and see for yourself. You can always revert back to stock.. The Samsung Vibrant is impossible to brick


          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do6mTvgfH8Y  << Simpliest way to install Ice Cream Sandwhich on your Vibrant.. Very simple, no computer is needed

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            Thanks for the link. I jumped and I'm using it right now. It is sweet. It fixes all the things that stopped working in Froyo. Sound notifications for stock email is working again. Stock calendar seems to work I'll have to test it later. Gps seems pretty accurate to me. Where Cyanogenmod couldn't get 911 service to work in Gingerbread, apparently it fixed it in ICS.


            Originally I had never planned on rooting, but I got tired of a lack of action on waiting to hear from TMobile. My contract on this phone ends in September. meh. My next phone will be running ICS and will probably not be a Samsung. I will probably go back to HTC which is a shame, because Samsungs are sexy phones.

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              This ROM is the bomb. Just follow the video and instructions. You'll need to Odin back to 2.1 just like it says.   Read the comments and if you get into a boot loop just follow the battery removal comment redo.  So long waiting for T-Mobile gingerbread.

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                There are actually different routes to get this ROM running, depending on your start point. For example, I was able to go directly to it from CM7 following the steps outlined in the following thread:




                I actually avoided installing the GB Bootloader. The Rainbows animation that this is meant to avoid is spectacular, but takes longer than normal to boot up. Still, I'd rather put up with this delay than risk just about the only way that you can hard brick the Vibrant, which can happen when the bootloader is being replaced.


                I wrote previously that I had found the ICS implementation unstable and that I was planning to revert back to CM7. Well, I never got around to taking that step and - as suggested by the developers - it became more and more stable quite quickly. I suspect that I didn't allow the Dalvik cache sufficient to build after the initial re-boot. ANyway, I now have everything that I want running again.


                There are still a few things that aren't 100%, but it's hard to know what the cause is. For example, there are a couple of numbers to which I text fairly regularly where, sporadically, the message won't send either from Handcent or the default messaging app. This was not something I noticed before the update. I've also had an alarm issue that I hadn't encountered before. Relatively small stuff, though the alarm problem cause dme considerable professional embarrassment


                The good news from CyanogenMod is that they are back supporting ROMs for the Vibrant since they have found help in overcoming the 911 problem, so we might expect to see an "official" unofficial ICS ROM for the Vibrant from CyanogenMod pretty soon. It may or may not be better than Passion (which is based on CM9), but I have confidence that it will be good.

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                  I'm digging it too.  Fixed up all the little glitches I was having with Team Whiskey.   Not sure if the battery life is going to be as good yet since that's one place where TW excelled but I'll give a a few more days.   It does seem pretty solid.


                  I did have access to Odin when I wanted to do it, so I just restored back to a CM7 build I had backed up, then went to Passion from there.  At first I kept getting a "android.media" something error.  I fixed permissions and re-flashed, been good to go since.  


                  Making me love the phone again, or at least enough to limp into the last couple months of my contract before I upgrade.   ICS is nice! 

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                    I've been running this since the Galaxy Nexus dropped and it is awesome.  I had posted a tidbit of information under the Vibrant rooting thread ( http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/11426?start=15&tstart=0) I'm good wih this and haven't had as many issues.

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                      I'm running ICS Passion R13 and it is very stable for me.  I went directly from Froyo -> CM7 -> ICS using Heimdell to root.   So much faster than stock.  My wife has a Galaxy S2, of which I was jealous until installing Passion.  Now the Vibrant seems just as fast as her S2 and she is still stuck on Gingerbread..


                      Be advised that there are some things that are missing from all ICS ROMs a this point.

                      • e911 support.  This is the no-SIM support for 911 and the location-based triangulation.  This will probably get fixed soon, since Cyanogen has figured out how to fix in CM7. We'll see if it also works in CM9.
                      • Wifi calling.  Passion may never support this, since the developer is not on T-Mobile and does not reside in the US. This becomes important for me in summer, because shore house has lousy T-Mobile cell coverage.
                      • My Account and My Device apps.  Not sure where the problem lies, but there is not a whole lot of chatter on it.  I find it helpful in summer, when we tend to do more cell calling and bump up against our limits.


                      Everthing else is working better than stock, even the GPS.

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                        With the exception of the e911 (not sure what it is, and Wi-fi Calling) everything else worked fine for me.  And I updated to R13 just a few days ago.

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                          Hey I have a rooted vibrant that had froyo and i just tried to flash straight to the R13 passion ICS ROM and I can't connect to the T-mobile network. I even tried Team Passion's other ICS release with no better luck. all I can get is wifi. So do I need to go from froyo to cm7 and then ICS? Is that the problem? I don't see why that would make a difference.

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                            Find and flash a kb5 modem

                            That is why you are not getting signal

                            I am running rc13 and is surprisingly good.

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                              Unfortunately I tried that and still no i downloaded the modem from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1399722 and flashed it and no change. Other than this small issue the ROM is beautiful and seems to work great.

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                                I'm no expert here but I think you may be having some SIM card issues.  I'd recommend getting a new SIM card from T-Mobile and see if that restores your service.

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                                  i tried calling them and having them refresh it and all that if that counts......but still no luck. I might just try and start over from scratch.

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                                    I had a similar issue but it ended up being network maintenance.  Well as of last week I'm no longe a Vibrant customer, I joined the ranks of the Galaxy S II owners.  Sorry guys.

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