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    Why is data inconsistent on my GSM Galaxy Nexus?

      I bought a GSM Galaxy Nexus almost two months ago and it worked great on Tmobile up until about a week ago. I was in a area that normally gives great coverage but I couldn't get any data on the phone. I power cycled, turned airplane mode on and off, took out the battery and sim...nothing. Once I got home, data started working again so I thought it might have been something screwy with the tower in the location I was in. My girlfriend's HTC Sensation was suffering from the wonky antenna issues that are reported on the web so we decided to get another Galaxy Nexus since mine was working so well. Her Nexus was working great until earlier today when she got home and said she totally lost data on her phone. I was on wifi so I turned it off to test my data connection and it wouldn't work. I couldn't connect to the internet although my phone was showing full bars and H. Google's home screen eventually showed up after 4 attempts but even that took at least 3 minutes to connect. When I tried to go to a different site I couldn't connect at all with a error message saying I didn't have a data connection. My girlfriend called Tmobile and explained the problem and they suggested all of the things we'd already tried, things that others have tried in this very forum. Beyond reading the cue cards and giving canned responses, technical support was no help. So I'm asking if anyone here has found out any information about this. Thanks.

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          I've had this occur once or twice..but other T-Mobile USA users in the same area were also experiencing problems (with other devices), so I wrote it off as network issues.


          There are some apparent issues for the Galaxy Nexus when handing off between WiFi and cellular which should be addressed in 4.0.4+ if/when released.


          The only other thing is that there are some users reporting better luck using different Baseband versions on this device.

          Can't post much here due to terms, but assuming your GSM Galaxy Nexus actually has a valid warranty..this will likely cause grief.  Anyhow, baseband discussions and recommendations have come up many times over @ XDA:




          Hope this helps.