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        Have you plug your phone into nokia suite to make sure that you deleted all of the preinstalled maps? Anyway, yeah nokia belle is awesome especially if install the widgets that are missing. The only thing is you have to first hack your phone which I found online a REALLY easy way!


        Hack phone link: http://www.nokiavnn.com/2012/02/hack-nokia-belle-official-with-norton.html

        Missing widgets: http://www.symbiantweet.com/nokia-belle-widget-collection (download directly from the site and not DM)

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          I ended up formatting the E: drive and it freed up the 7.2 GB. Now I'm reinstalling the applications that were previously on the E: drive.

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            This does not effect your service?

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              Icbuono, I have been following these discussions with interest since I am in the same boat (astound, no Belle). Since I  am an ignorant newbie, I would like to do all you did to have Belle, but of course I am afraid of damaging my phone.  So far, I understand that you need Navifirm to download the firmware and Phoenix to apply the firmware. However, now I am confuse about your last post about 'hacking' your phone. Does hacking refer to just the same (using navifirm and phoenix) or something else that you have to do afterwards?


              Thanks !

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                what u will be doing is the official firmware update just not for your product code officially. symbian tweeet one is hack which u dont need to do for belle.

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                  As by request from several users following this forum, here is a complete instruction guide to flashing your phone to update your current Nokia C7 Astound Anna to Belle.


                  ***Warning: I am not responsible if you phone becomes damaged from flashing your phone. By flashing your phone you are accepting of the possibilities that your phone may become bricked/dead. Also, you avoid your phone's warranty if you still have one and probably also support by TMO. Having said that I have flashed my phone three times and haven't had any problems and really like the new Belle update as compared to Anna.***


                  ***Before flashing your phone make sure to back up your phone content in Nokia Suite. To save time, move all of your pictures, videos, and music from your phone to your computer by yourself and just back up your contacts, messages, etc. with Nokia Suite (back up is underneath the tools tab I believe).***


                  Read and follow the instructions, I will not answer  a question that I addressed in this post already.

                  1) Download NaviFirm+1.6 and Phoenix from below:
                  Phoenix: http://www.mediafire.com/?33gduu1u30r67ou
                  NaviFirm+1.6: http://www.mediafire.com/?3p4i429d81liglm

                  2) Use winzip to extract the contents from each download to a place that is convenient for you (like the desktop, easy to get to quickly)

                  3) Before installing phoenix disable your norton/anti-virus software for a couple of minutes. If you do not, when you try to open up Phoenix a "Dongle" error message will appear and Phoenix will not open. Once disabled install Phoenix and do not open it up until later on (Phoenix is a software by Nokia so you won't get a virus).

                  4) Open up NaviFirm+1.6, its an .exe file so it doesn't need to be installed.

                  5) Now, depending on whether you want to have a complete fresh start to your phone, ie clearing all of your data on your phone's memory and mass memory (not including your microSD if you have one in) and want to have US english and not UK english (there is a difference), I recommend actually flashing your phone twice! So you are going to have to download two different Nokia Belle firmware (FW) variants which I will give instructions and explain more later on.

                  6) Once NaviFirm+1.6 opens up, on the upper left corner you will see "Server" and the defaulted server is Nokia Care Suite. Scroll down below the "Products" column until you find "Nokia C7-00 (RM-675)" and click on it.


                  Aside: your phone is currently RM-691 but as we all know, TMO USA isn't going to release the Nokia Belle update for us...if they would have, Belle for us would have been under "Nokia C7 RM-691". So you have to flash your phone with a fw for RM-675 which is basically the same phone as ours..just not branded by TMO or another cellular retailer.

                  7) Shortly after, the column to the right named "Releases" should populate with several different releases for the C7 type. Click on "111.30.609" (this is Nokia Belle!).

                  8) Then the column next to that named "Variants" should eventually pop up with a whole bunch of different variant FWs. Scroll down until you find "euro1_uk_ireland_charcoal_black_0595320" and click on it. You can actually download which everyone you wish, I am just telling you to download the one I used.

                  Aside: The whole reason why I am recommended you flashing your phone twice is because under the "Nokia Care Suite" server, the
                  "nam_frost_metal (059B5R9)" fw variant or any of the other two nam=north american fws don't download properly...trust me I have tried to flash with it and got an error.

                  9) On the upper right side, click on the "Mark All" button and then press "Download" beneath where are the files are! (This fw will be used for your first flash; in Phoenix you will click "Refurbish" to set your phone back to brand new state...as if you just bought the phone.)

                  10) The files that are downloading should be saving into a sub-folder called "fw" in the folder where NaviFirm+1.6 was unzipped into. The default name of the folder will be named after the product code; for this fw it will be "0595320".

                  11) While you are waiting for your first fw to finish downloading, change the server from "Nokia Care Suite" to "Production External".

                  Aside: As far as I know from experience, fw downloaded from this server cannot be used to refurbish phones in Phoenix, only update them...meaning, I believe, keeping your apps and settings etc. I don't know for sure but refurbishing your phone is better if you don't mind taking the time to reinstall your app. So, you can just update your phone with the fw that you will download in this server if you don't want to first refurbish your phone...a couple of steps will be different which I will separate for those who don't want to refurbish their phones and just update it with only one flash.

                  12) Once again underneath the "Products" server, scroll down til you see "Nokia C7-00 (RM-675)".

                  13) Click on "111.30.609" again underneath the "Releases" column.

                  14) Now, scroll down in the "Variants" column until you find "nam_frost_metal (059B5R9)" and click on it.

                  15) Once again, click on "Mark All" and then "Download"! Once both FWs are finished downloading, you can exit out of NaviFirm+1.6.

                  16) Now before opening up Phoenix, you first need to rename and move both of the FW folders to a folder that Phoenix will be able to automatically find when you open it up. First, move both of the folders "0595320" and "059B5R9" that are located in the "fw" to Computer/C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products folder.

                  17) Once you move them, rename the "0595320" to "RM-691" (You might ask shouldn't it be RM-675? you are correct technically but Phoenix recognizes types of fws that your phone currently is which is "RM-691". So, basically we are tricking Phoenix that we are using a fw for our current type of phone, when in actuality its fw for RM-675 (not ours at moment..after the flash your phone will be an RM-675 C7). 

                  Aside: Now for those who just want to flash update their phones with the "nam_frost_metal (059B5R9)" and miss out on the flash refurbish with the "euro1_uk_ireland_charcoal_black_0595320", rename the "059B5R9" folder to "RM-691".

                  18) And rename the "059B5R9" to "RM-675" (After your first flash, your phone will now be type RM-675 and not RM-691 anymore.)

                  19) After you have finished renaming both of the folders to the proper name specified in the previous steps, plug in your phone to your computer via USB if you haven't done so already and open up Phoenix! Almost done, I promise!

                  20) Now, click on the drop down arrow next to "No Connection" and click on your device..might say "USB1- RM-691".

                  21) Once it says "Ready" on the bottom left corner, click on "File" and then "Scan Product"....this might take a few moments but you'll know when its ready when it says "Ready" again.

                  22) Now click on "Flashing" and then "Firmware Update".

                  23) Click on the "..." button all the way to the right where its says "Product Code:"  on the window that popped up.

                  24) Now, depending on if you renamed the folders correctly it will say underneath "Product Code" column "0595320" and underneath the "Description" column "euro1_uk_ireland_charcoal_black"...(I believe) but definitely should NOT say "059B5R9" or "nam_frost_black"! And click "OK".

                  Aside: If you are just doing the flash update, it SHOULD say: "059B5R9" and "nam_frost_black".


                  25)  Finally click on the "Refurbish" button and anxiously wait for your phone to be flashed with Nokia Belle fw!!!


                  Aside: If you are just doing the flash update, click on the "Update Software" button. And you will be done when it finishes flashing. Your welcome.

                  26) When it finishes, Phoenix might say something that your phone has been succesfully flashed but there might be some errors...don't worry it always says that...your phone is fine. Exit out of Phoenix.

                  27) Quickly follow the the onscreen directions to setup your phone...but don't do too much setting up because you are going to flash it again to get rid of that  UK english spelling and are going to have to go through the same setup steps after you flash your phone again.

                  28) Now for the second flashing, open up Phoenix again and do all of the connection and scanning steps again.

                  29) Click on "Flashing", "Firmware Update", and "..." buttons again and this time you will notice that it SHOULD say "059B5R9" and "nam_frost_metal". Press "OK".

                  30) Once you click "OK", click on the "Update Software" button this time and NOT "Refurbish"!!! This time the flashing will go by much quicker!


                  -----THE END----

                  Hope you enjoy the new Belle fw.


                  Aside: For those who wish to hack their phones and be able to install unsigned sis files, Nokia widgets that did not come out on this initial release, give your phone cool effects, and bunch of other things; here is a link to easy directions to hack your phone: http://www.nokiavnn.com/2012/02/hack-nokia-belle-official-with-norton.html


                  Here is the link for the Nokia Belle widgets: http://www.symbiantweet.com/nokia-belle-widget-collection (Download from the symbiantweet site directly and not the DM.)

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                    Hello Andrew (@ TMO), I am just wondering since it has been a week Nokia belle launched. What is TMO Stand on this? Will you ever going to launch/allow the update? You have to clear your position one way or the other. Don't be a mute spectator.

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                      alphaalpha, I have posted a complete directions for flashing your phone to Nokia Belle. Enjoy!

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                        Many Thanks. And by the way, I have been trying downloading few belle's (including NAM) but same issue, not finishing downloading.

                        Update: Just finished India one.

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                          Under the "Nokia Care Suite" server, the NAM fws do finish actually...the last file is around 3GB instead of the 200MB that it says it is...however, even after they finished downloading, they do not flash properly! But, NAM fws under the "Production External" server actually do flash properly. However, you can not use those files to refurbish your phone in Phoenix just to update your phone with it.

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                            Thanks a lot Icbuono !!!

                            • 86. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

                              I am also going to post my instructions in a complete separate discussion so that future people who want to find how to get Belle can easily find how to instead of searching for it in this one. 

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                                Yup glad I went to Belle definitely enjoying it Thanks to icbuono for all the help and took his time explaining everything!

                                • 88. Re: Nokia C7 Astound Belle Update Release?

                                  The only problem I have is under the euro1_uk_ireland_charcoal_black (0595320) all the files except the RM-675_M001.25.emmc.fpsx download fine. This file runs up to 679721/114688KiB and will not finish. I tried the ireland white and mohagany with the same results

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                                    My service hasn't been affected at all. Of course visual voicemail and wifi calling aren't on my phone now...but since I have prepaid, they never worked before. Also, none of the other T-Mobile crapware is installed...and there's no more T-Mobile startup or shutdown screens. :-)

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