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    Is my Amaze 4G really dual core?

      I purchased an HP Touchpad last year when they went on that fire sale, and my brother in law put Android on it.  The more I used Android, the more I knew that I needed an Android phone.  So my wife and I got a couple.

      I'm all about hardware features, so I chose the HTC Amaze.  I was particularly attracted to the 1.5Ghz dual core processor.  Because of my interest in resource management, I installed an app called CPU Gauge so that I could get a constant view of temperature, battery life, and processor usage.  This app informed me that I have a dual core processor, but the second core was offline.  I tried pushing the processor with different apps (games mostly), but the second core has yet to activate. I decided that because the Amaze is pretty new, the app probably wasn't able to monitor it correctly.

      This last weekend my assessment of the situation changed.  I was working on my HP (which has a 1.2Ghz dual core) and decided to put that CPU Gauge on it because I like it so much.  On the HP, it gave me the status of both cores, and the second one seemed to turn on and off, depending on how much power was needed.  This got me curious, so I installed another 3 CPU monitors on my HTC Amaze, and each one said that the second core was not in use.  My final test was to run programs side by side on my two devices, and compare results.  My HTC (with its 1.5Ghz) did not perform as well as my HP (with its 1.2Ghz).

      The only other thing I can think might be the problem is that the HP has been rooted, and my HTC has not.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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          I just searched online, didn't find any mention of your problems, but,, on xda developers there is a recent post from someone stating basically this same thing. It says we need android 4.0 for the operating system to properly take advantage of the other core. HOPEFULLY some more knowledgeable individuals will comment. I will be sorely unhappy if I got scammed by t-mobile!

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            Thanks Larry, that thought had crossed my mind, but I had no way to prove/disprove it.  Maybe I'm just lazy or bad at searching, but I couldn't find that post in my first couple of searches, could you throw the link up here?



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              here, this is the thread for the dual core kernel, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1433078 the post on 8th January 2012, 03:41 AM mentions dual core in gingerbread.

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                Thanks again Larry.  Your link helped me find one more link that gave me a more definitive answer. http://groups.google.com/group/android-platform/browse_thread/thread/b754408b9af17e55?pli=1


                "We started working on SMP support in Gingerbread (or was it Froyo), but the code was not ready at release time, so this platform is still missing critical changes that are in Honeycomb."


                This particular quote from my link makes it clear that while multi-core support was in the making, it wasn't ready for prime time when Gingerbread was released.  From further reading, I've also learned that companies (like HTC) and mod makers (like Cyanogen Mod) can get Gingerbread to support multiple cores, but they have to DO something to make it work.  My best guess now is that HTC either forgot to make the Amaze support dual core, or they figured since they planned to release ICS for it anyway, they'd just be lazy and not worry about a functional dual core in their Gingerbread version.

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                  I tried out the new quadrant app which rates your phones speed and capabilities.  I did not score very well.  I never tried the app before so I have nothing to compare it to.  Some people say when they use other Kernels that are optimized for dual core, and rooted, and all the bloatware removed they get score twice as high as mine.  So frustrating.  I hope HTC upgrades me to an actual working dual core phone with Android 4 before the end of quarter 1. 

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                    I've seen the second core display a little spike with SystemPanel Pro after running multiple apps like Paper Camera, Maps, Latitude, Waze, et al. Maybe Sense is doing something, I couldn't say.


                    But as mentioned, I think the best is yet to come. The good news is the Snapdragon S3 and other chips are ready to kick into high gear with ICS, and the Amaze is promised to get ICS or there will be a Occupy T-Mobile revolution.

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                      I can't remember exactly what I was benchmarking before I rooted (I want to say it was around 1500), but I've taken the plunge, and I'm running a custom kernel with a custom rom.  Even without an AOSP rom (ie light-weight), I have pretty satisfactory results (2824).  But I must agree, once ICS hits, we should be in much better shape.

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                        I was using gps navigation the other day and it occurred to me that when the screen turns off navigation works, but if you are waiting for a large webpage to load and the screen goes off, you are screwed, and basically have to start again. It seems to me this is a problem with the browser app. I wonder if this bug is fixed in Android 4.0 ics. Anyone know when we are getting ICS so i can use my dual core properly!

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                          Lots of people have been banking on the first quarter, so we're pleasantly surprised that it came out yesterday.

                          ... APRIL FOOLS!!

                          Honestly, this whole deal feels like we're having the carrot dangled in front of us. HTC said forever ago, and the indication was "early" this year. I've seen estimates as early as this month, and as late as November. Personally, I'm putting my money on June.

                          As for your browser issue, I can't seem to replicate the problem on my phone. But if the problem is the browser app, may I suggest dolphin browser mini? I've been very pleased with it.

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                            That's why I had to flash a non-stock ROM. Most ROMs enable dual-core processing and GPU hardware acceleration.

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                                  I found the following link (http://androidevolutions.com/2011/03/14/are-current-generation-android-os-froyo-gingerbread-dual-core-capable/ after researching what you brought up about the "dual core" processors only using one core.  It appears that generally only one core is used unless an application is designed to you multi-core functionality.  But I am no rocket scientist or programmer....hell I'm not sure I can tie my own shoes sometimes.   Anyway you may want to look at the link.  I would like to know definitively now that you brought the issue to my attention.

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                                Well, that's some really good info! I'd love to do a little more testing on the subject, but I think I'll need to leave it up to those of you who still use the stock ROM. I'm currently beta testing a new ROM.

                                If anyone is still interested in figuring this out, may I suggest someone try a new app? It's called System Tuner. It has many features (even without rooting), and one of those features shows the processor level for all processors. With the different roms I've been using, some use both processors, some don't seem to. Any takers?