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why doesn't my market have any good apps?

Every time I get on my market on my phone it only has like 10 popular apps. And when I try to find angry birds, or a good nav, or a good photo editor it always say no matches. Even though everyone has angry birds. So I tried getting on android market on my computer and I logged in with my gmail account and tried to download a couple apps it said there is no android phone with this account. But i do have an android phone???? its so annoying!

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    If you have the Cliq XT with no slide out keyboard you have a very small amount of apps that it can run since its stuck on Android 1.5.

    If you have the Cliq with the keyboard you can update it to 2.1 and have many more apps to use.

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    how do you update it to the 2.1?

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    Motorolas are horrible devices. Your best option is to upgrade to a Samsung or HTC. Either that or root it so you can install a custom ROM since that phone will not be upgraded by Motorola you will be stuck with 1.6 forever.

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    ok i just figured out how to upgrade to the 2.1. I'm in the process now. thanks eagle!!! i'm excited to see how different it is.

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    Great, You might need to do a factory reset after the upgrade to make sure you don't have any issues. Most of us did do a reset since there were issues. My cliqs are still running 2.1 and working as good as they can for an older phone.


    @chipsnguac What phone was stuck on 1.6? The Cliq XT was left at 1.5 not 1.6. Just wondering what Motorola phones have you had? If you had the XT I can understand your feelings about Motorola. It was a shame that it was never approved to get upgraded.

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    eagle328 My wife had the Cliq XT running 1.6. I kept reading reports that Motorola was going to update it "eventually" but they never did. I worked for T-Mobile for 5 years and the. Moto devices were the biggest problems. I will never buy another Moto device.

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    It was planned for the XT to get 2.1 but 1.5 was as far it got. If you worked for T-mobile then you might know why this upgrade was not released. There have only been 4 Motorola smart phones since they first came out released for T-Mobile. The Cliq, Cliq XT, Charm and the Cliq 2. I have or had them all. The Cliqs were great when they first came out and were only a little behind in OS of date at that time but soon became under powered to keep up with the new software. They got it going on the Cliq with T-Mobile's approval but not the XT ( which was really sad to see since the phone I think could have ran it if more time was put into it). The Charm was released with 2.1 on it from the beginning and was never upgraded further. The phone to me had its biggest issue with the small amount of memory and battery life. Then came the Cliq 2 which was what the Cliq should have been all along. It is a great phone and is rock solid stable compared to the rest. I have Motorola phones with ATT as well and they have made great steps in learning from the past. I do understand your stance since you had the XT, I'm just trying to maybe explain what was then and now. I also have a Nexus S which is a great phone on T-Mobile too.Thanks for replying back to me.


    Here is a link for anyone looking to check the OS for Motorola phones. https://forums.motorola.com/pages/00add97d6c


    Forgot one, the Defy was also a T-Mobile phone that was a good phone. I never had a chance to have one for my own.


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    My wifes XT had 1.6. I remember trying to get it to the 2.1 like my HTC MyTouch 3g had but never had any luck. I worked at T-Mo from 01 - 06 so unfortunately pre Android/Smartphone. All of the non-smartphone Motos during that time were riddled with issues. Motorola was definitely more about quantity than quality. I decided to give them another chance when Android came out and we got the Cliq XT which after being stuck with 1.6 was pretty much the last straw for me. I still talk to several of my friends who work there and none of them have or would go with any Motorola device. Samsung and HTC pretty much dominate IMO.