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    how to unlock my X2?

      i need the steps to unlock my nokia x2 - while i am travelling

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          If you meet these requirements in the link then you

          can call Tmobile and request a code.



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            i have the code - i need to steps to use the code....

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              You need to put a non tmobile sim in the phone and follow the prompts and enter then enter the code.

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                i did and all it said was no service... i need to know what to dial to begin the unlocking process.;

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                  The last time I unlocked an at&t phone all I had to do is put in my tmobile sim and follow the prompts then enter code. Then I had to change the data/mms settings to tmobile and I was all set to go.

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                    Hey birah!


                    The unlock instructions should come in the e-mail that you received from T-Mobile.  If you no longer have that e-mail, here are the steps.


                    Important: Stop if you receive an error message while performing the instructions below. The device locks permanently if you enter the incorrect code multiple times.


                    1. Insert the SIM card into the phone.
                    2. Enter #pw+012345678912345+1#.
                      1. Note: 012345678912345 is the unlock code for the SIM Lock type.
                    3. Reset the phone.


                    Let us know if you were able to get it unlocked!


                    - Ian

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                      What if the device is locked permanently than what? I entered the wrong code in to many times. I faxed in my receipt as well as all the other info the requested.

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                        I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. Try chatting at http://www.t-mobile.com/chat or you can call our international care number at +15059983793



                        I am still in Jordan ..... enen the roaming service is not working ...


                        You'll need to contact customer care to submit the request. I'm not able to submit SIM unlock requests. Call 611 on your phone and they can help you.

                        Good day ,,,,

                        More than 60 days of my contract .....

                        whats happen .....


                        You'll need to meet the criteria listed. I'm sorry that I can't make the SIM unlock team provide the code in any other way.


                        Thank you,

                        Jessica B

                        Whats Happen ,,,,???

                        I'm sorry that this happened! The only way we can make this work is if the criteria below are met. Is there someone here in the states that can go into a store and refill your balance? Then, we can try to resubmit the request. You may want to try chatting with a prepaid specialist at http://www.t-mobile.com/chat to see if there are any other options for refilling your account while you're overseas. The SIM unlock team won't complete the request without 1 of the 2 conditions they've provided being met.


                        i recieved this mail , but i am in Jordan and my cand not working roaming ...how i can refill my account ...

                        this is not a solution ....Can you help

                        T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request
                        Sim Unlock Reference:  5334864
                        IMEI:  355971042307564

                        Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We have received your SIM Unlock Request. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time. The account must meet the following criteria:

                        1.     Must be active for 60 days
                        2.     Must have a balance of at least $10.00 or have had a refill placed on the account within the last 30 days

                        Thank You,

                        Sim Unlock Department
                        T-Mobile USA, Inc.