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Samsung gravity TXT it turns off by itself

I have a Samsung Gravity TXT bought it brand new in november 2011 and the phone shuts off on its own... Does anyone know why ? Is the phone already defective?

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    I am wondering about the shutting-itself-off thing also. 


    My son says it happens all the time. My wife said it happens wherever she sends a text message. I reproduced that, took out the battery for 15 minutes, and then the issue went away. My son says "just wait - it will come back!"


    That was with the Samsung TXT (SGH-T379) my son and wife have. I have a  t259 (the cheap flip phone) and I hadn't used it for several weeks yet because of having to manually transfer all the contact data over due to the Data Backup to Memory didn't not working and the Bluetooth Contact Transfer not working!  When I finally turned it on the screen said NO SERVICE EXCEPT FOR 911 CALLS!  When I took the phone in to the local T-Mobile store, all they did was to remove the battery for a few minutes and re-insert it. Problem fixed.


    I am thinking that Samsung mobile phones in general are junk!


    Anyone know if there is a way to flash and upgrade the firmware on these?

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    My Gravity showed the same problem a last month. It would turn itself off multiple times a day. The only way to restart it was pulling out the battery for a few seconds. This indicates that an internal protection circuit (fuse) triggered due to a short or overcurrent in the phoneI. The battery removal resets the circuit. I guess I dropped the phone one too many times.

    The most recent drop "fixed" the problem for now. It has been running for over a week without shutting down.


    I have not yet taken the phone appart to verify my theory.

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    Mine does the same thing! I thought it was just me. How frustrating. Can we all revolt & demand that T-Mobile give us another phone free of charge??

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    My Samsung gravity TXT does the same thing with the turning off.  Plugged in and battery is charged. This did not make a difference.  Took the battery out for 5 minutes, still did not help.  This phone is only less than 2 months old.  It is really a problem and I would like T-Mobile to do something about this!  Going in to try!  Good Luck!!

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    I just got this phone today and it has been nothing but trouble all day. It has had every kind of weird "glitch" and odd behavior you could imagine. It dropped my 1st call ever with it after beeping in my ear over and over and losing each others audio during the call. It won't charge, displays an error message "battery too hot or too cold" , and now refuses to re-boot properly.


    It keeps beeping and displaying error messages on the screen.


    It is poorly designed as well, the buttons are not easy to use in relation to the overall layout. The top row of keys are too close to the screen "top" so you cant get your fingers in there to press the buttons, and the screen goes sideways to text, but still relies on the "corner buttons" , which are now mis-oriented (perpendicular) to the screen!


    What a piece of ****!


    I can't wait until tomorrow morning so I can return this defective garbage.

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    the gravtiy is a piece of junk - an expensive piece of junk but a piece of junk none the less - I had mine replaced becasue it went "searching" - still does that but not as often.  It also shuts itself off - no reason why but then, there are no known defects with the phone - ask T-Mobile and they'll tell you so.

    I've gotten the '911 only message' , lost the blue tooth sync in both my cars - a Hyundai Elantra and a Mitsubishi Outlander and I am in full agreement about he screen being mis-oriented when texting.


    It's interesting but not unexpected that neither T-Mobile nor Samsung have tried to do anything about the situation.  


    I'l be a good T-Mobile customer until my contract expires in about 18 months - then I'll be a better AT&T, or Sprint or Verizion customer.

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    After dropping it again and the problem returning I finally opended up my cell phone.

    I could not see any evidence of a short circuit, but it appears that one of the connectors that plugged into the board that holds the SIM card was not properly alligned and had some tension on it potentially causing a bad connection. After taking things appart and reconnecting everything my problem has disappeared again. I have been using it again for about 2 weeks without problems.


    I would recommend to leave the hardware check trained people.


    I do not believe in a software bug, since my wife uses an identical model and has not experienced any problem at all in the last 2 years of operation.

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    t-moble what are you going to do about the gravity txt shutting down like that the phone is barely two months old???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    ya my phone has been doing that to i dont know why but after it rests i go into my inbox and it says message failed i havent figured out why but i hope to get some help soon

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    My wife's phone has been doing the shutdown/reboot thing.  We got 3 replacements and they kept rebooting/shutting down.  I called T-Mobile 2 weeks ago and got a replacement phone, but this one was worse.  So last week I called tech support again and the lady told me that there is a known issue/advisory by Samsung on this phone, something to do with when it register on the wireless network can cause the phone to reboot.  They send us the T-Mobile Concord as the replacement for it.  Not a great phone but at least it does not shutdown all by itself.  (Well at least until today when it just stopped accepting/sending calls and texts.) The tech support person told me that the advisory came out a month ago so I should have gotten a replacement the last time I called.


    My sister has the sams Samsung phone and she called today but the tech support told her that she does not know anything about the advisory/known issue and they could not do anything for her.


    I hate to say it, I am just extremely disappointed with customer service.  They are just inconsistent with their support, total hit and miss.  Hopefully some of you can get a replacement phone for the Txt.



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    I have 4 of these as added lines for the family - ive already replaced them all with older iphones, nexus, etc.


    These are absolute garbage, the worse decision I've made in years. I split the blame between t-mobile, samsung and costco. How on earth do you make such a crappy phone in this day and age,


    1) It turns off by itself.

    2) If it loses reception (via elevator or tunnel, etc) it WILL NOT regain reception unless you power cycle.

    3) Delayed msg reception, both voice and TXT - could be a byproduct of the first two issues.


    ANYWAY - don't bother trying to get a replacement for this phone -- the are all equally bad.

    T-mobile should allow us to dump these phones without paying the "migration fee" because they are DEFECTIVE.