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    Data enabled vs. Data roaming

      I bought the T-Mobile G2X without the data plan, but I did get the unlimited text messaging. Because I don't want to be charged $50 for data plan each month, I disabled two things: "data enabled" setting and "data roaming" setting. Once I unchecked these boxes, I can no onger send or recieve picture messages. I know when I only enabled the "data enabled" setting, I can now send and recieve picture messages; however, will I be charged $50?


      "Data enabled" says, enable data access over Mobile network.

      "Data roaming" says, connect to data services when roaming.


      What is the difference between these two settings? When "data enabled"  says it enables data access over Mobile network, does this mean I can send and receive picture messages when I have Wi-Fi?

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          Text messages SMS and Picture messages MMS are different. It does take a data for MMS to work.  MMS does not come under SMS, sorry. MMS does not use WiFi, when you send an MMS it is suppose to start the data service for it to sent/receive. You will be hit with Data charges for sending and receiving MMS per message even with a Texting plan. You should contact T-Mobile to find out how much it will cost per message.

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            My plan includes unlimited picture messaging as well.. I called T-Mobile and the person said it could depend on the phone itself, and that I should enable the "Wi-Fi calling", which doesn't do any good. Do you think if I checked the box where it says for "Date enabled- enable data access over Mobile network", I'll get charged?

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              You will still need Data turned on. It is the only transport for MMS. If you are looking at your phone when one comes in even if WiFi is on you will see Data come on for the transport. If you turn Data off in settings you will not get MMS, but can get SMS with WiFi.