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    My Sensation keeps randomly rebooting (please help!)

      I have had my phone for about a month now, I am past the 14 day remorse period and I didn't start having problems till after this period....... 

      Sometimes the phone will just reset back to the white HTC screen then return to the home page after a few seconds, it sometimes asks to send an error report to HTC (which I always do) and sometimes it doesn't.  It only did this once or twice out of the blue but now I am noticing it is doing it more often now.  The phone has also started to reboot back to the white HTC screen then show the T-Mobile pink letters screen then start up.  One time I noticed the phone was completely off even though it had battery power and I had to turn it back on.  Just last night I was in the middle of a phone call when the call just dropped and then the phone rebooted to the white HTC screen, then it said it recovered from a fatal error or whatever the message says and asked me to report it (which I did).


      PLEASE help me fix this!!!!  I really love this phone (I came from the original MyTouch which was slower than molasses and could NEVER use that thing without it freezing up for extremely long periods of time, the Sensation is supposed to renew my love for a smart phone!) and I want this to work!

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