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block call

I've gotten almost 150 text messages within the last hour or so from a bogus company.  I know it is spam, and I do not want to return the call because then it acknowledges that its a good number.  Why isn't there a way to block unwanted numbers?  I am desperate for this right now.  Luckily, I have unlimited messaging, but this is annoying as all get out. 


This is the text:

from:  kqus@midwest02.com


FirstMidweastMessage02 - Please call (919)249-5382


That's the entire thing. As you can see, in the message part Midwest is spelled wrong. Unless someone from TMobile wants to call them back for me and say you're my attorney and I'm going to sue them for harassment. 


Has anyone else run into this and how did you stop the messages?




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    My wife has seen this too...if you Google that from name....there are a ton of complaints out there today.  She called T-Mobile, and the lady was extremely unpleasant and basically told her there was nothing they can do.  We set-up a filter under MobileLife...and that has yet to work.


    I guarantee that I will NOT be paying for these extra texts as my wife does not have an unlimited plan.

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    I just downloaded something called Call Control directly from Android Market and I can't get it to work either.  It might be because this is looking for a phone number, and what I'm getting is a text from an email address.  My battery is about to die just because of this.  TMobile needs to give us a way to block numbers and texts.

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    Yep, this is horrible.  Since I put on this filter, my wife has received 25 more text messages...roughly about 10 minutes.


    I'm going on Twitter now to complain...I tend to get a response from Brands that way.  I'll respond back here if I receive any good feedback.

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    The email address its coming from is not valid either.  I just tried to send something to it.  There has to be an option, a way to get these to stop.

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    Log into your TMOBILE.COM page


    Hover over MOBILE LIFE








    The form should read as this:



    If the FROM field

    CONTAINS kqus@midwest02.com




    Click SAVE


    This should fix the problem within 2 hours

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    This just started happening to me today also.  I just tried aijakai's trick.  Hopefully it works.  I'm a little concerned about personal information getting out.

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    I tried this, but do not have the option to enter my phone number after "Do not send to handset and do not forward to"


    I guess we'll give it the two hour timeframe and see if it works.

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    Thank you, very much, for the step by step instructions.  I've done what you've suggested.  I'll let everyone know if it works!

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    TMobile had to have been hacked...Google the from address...there are a ton of people experiencing this.  Epsilon, Zappos, T-mobile...I just can't wait to hear Support give me more attitude saying they can't do anything about extra charges.

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    You enter your phone number where is says "To" below "Do not send to handset and do not forward to."

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    You can also choose the option to not recieve any text messages that use the short code.  I don't care about those since i don't use my phone for banking or voting. 

    go to mobilelife, email, text tools.email filters.  works for me and don't have to wait 2 hours.  i set it to no and the texts startyed back up.  i switched back to yes and they stopped immediatley. 


    here's the exact text from tmobile: 


    Allow messages ONLY to "My Phone's E-Mail address"  @tmomail.net (Recommended)


    (If you select yes, you will only receive E-Mail messages to the alias or @tmomail.net)



    good luck and if anyone finds the strret address for this spammer i would liek to send them a weeks worth of used cat box litter

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    Very strange, the "To" field collapses when selecting the "Do not send to handset and do not forward to" option.  I thought it was a Firefox compatibility thing, but it's also happening in IE.  May have to keep playing around with this.

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    Today, I received 500 messages from them within 30minutes.. Im still receiving this ****...  right now  i received 20messages from them...whoever sending this shoot him.

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    From the messages you are getting on the phone what number is it showing that these are coming from.

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