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    Visual Voicemail

      My husband and I have Samsung Galaxy II phones.  I love Visual Voicemail. He HATES it.  Now that it is running on his phone, we CANNOT get it off!  We called support at T-Mobile and I have tried everything that I know. (Both times when we called support they said that they had shut it off.....but it is still on there!)

      He just wants to be able to call in and listen to "New messages".  With VV on, all messages automatically go to "Saved Messages", which is what he hates.


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          You can try uninstalling the app from the phone, that would be my best idea; other than that I'd think only T-Mobile would be able to deactivate it from your account.  I looked at the settings under settings > call > and I don't see much there.  I also looked under my settings in VVM and don't really see a way to deactivate it.  Maybe I'm missing something here, though.  I'm kinda perplexed as to why he would prefer calling voicemail to listen rather than just having them listed on a page and being able to click on individual messages to listen to them...

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            I completely agree - I find it MUCH easier but he adamantly hates it.


            It doesn't appear on his Ap list under settings anymore.  I don't know if that is because T-Mobile thinks that they have de-activated it or why.  They won't let you actually uninstall it because they say it is part of the operating system for the phone.

            I just want a "go-back".

            Am getting ready to call T-Mobile for round #3.  They seem to be trying to be helpful but so far not very.


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              Sounds like it's something that lots of people are asking.  Here are some directions from another thread:


              To uninstall preloaded VVM follow the below steps. 


              1.Select Menu. 

              2. Select Settings. 

              3. Scroll to and select Applications. 

              4. Select Manage Applications. 

              5. Scroll to and select Voicemail. 

              6. Select Uninstall. 

              7. Select OK.


                   If the VVM does not uninstall the first time remove and replace the battery while the device is still on. Then, follow the above steps again. If the application still did not uninstall, advise the customer that  they can disable the application. If this does not work disable the VVM with the following steps:


              1. Access VVM application. 

              2. Select Menu. 

              3. Select Settings. 

              4. Select Visual Voicemail Status on  check box to disable VVM.


              If the application still doesn't uninstall, call customer care at 1-800-937-8997






              And you can PM any of the official T-Mobile reps on here and they should be able to help you out if you still can't get it, they're very knowledgeable and way better than the people you'll probably get when you call CC.

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                Will do.

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                  I hate Visual Voicemail, too.  Your husband will absolutely never get another visual voicemail message if he switches to Google Voice.  You actually replace your voicemail number with a Google Voice number.  The app does it for you on your Samsung Galaxy S2.  As for productivity and a business tool, the smartest thing I have done in three years is to switch to Google Voice.  The app works flawlessly on the phone, I get notified of missed calls on my PC, I can manage voice mail from my PC, and I get full transcripts of VMs on my phone and through GMail/Google Voice. 


                  Using Google Voice is transparent to you and your callers.  In other words, you really don't know you are using anything other than regular voice mail and neither do your callers.  The big difference is that you can manage your voice mail from your PC, and it stays with you if you change phones or even carriers.  I HATE answering the phone when my tenants call me.  I want them to call and leave me a message so i have a record of when they called and exactly what they wanted.  I have played back year-old voice mails to my tenants when their tunes changed about what they origianlly called about.  It's great.