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    Not registered on network

      I have had my Galaxy S 4G for about a month now and suddenly yesterday, I stopped being able to make or receive calls or connect to the data network. When I try to make a call it says "not registered on network."  I see a few other people have had this problem, but I haven't found anything that has resolved the problem for me in the forums.  I have tried restarting my phone and removing/reinserting my SIM card with no luck.


      Some details that may or may not be relevant:

      1. I was potentially in a roaming area two days ago.  Yesterday, I was able to get data service on my phone at least.  My one incoming call late yesterday went straight to voicemail.

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          The only fix I know of that you could try would be:


          Go to Settings -> Wireless -> Networks/Mobile Networks -> Network Operators

          and see if T-Mobile is an option. If it is, select it.  Or you can try the Automatic option. 


          See if this does the trick.  If not, stop by a local T-Mobile USA store and see if they'll let you swap the SIM, although that seems to be a bit extreme for this particular error.


          Hope this helps.

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            On the Network Operators screen, I don't see any networks to select.  When I tell it to search for networks on that same screen, I get an error: "Error while searching for networks."

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              I am also experiencing this same issue. When I try to make an outbound call, it says "not registered on network".


              I have resetted the phone to factory settings and removed the batter and SIM for more than 15 minutes.

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                When you search and gives you that area means one of the following:

                There is absolutely no T-Mobile or att like coverage there (tower down)

                Problem with the Sim card (try a new one)

                Problem with phone software (try master reset)

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                  Hey jen2002!


                  Were any of the suggestions helpful in resolving your issue?  If so, let us know!




                  - Ian

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                    After a few calls to customer service, they were finally able to tell me what the problem is: the phone's IMEI number is blocked.  I was able to return it and get a new phone, which is on its way and hopefully won't have any problems.  Thanks, everyone.

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                      I got this T-Mobile phone from a friend brand new.
                      Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Unforunatly I don't think I can take mine back like you can.
                      What is an IMEI and is there any way I can fix it myself?




                      I've also called T-Mobile customer support and they couldn't resolve the issue.



                      It says (Searching) or (No Network)


                      When I try to make calls it says "Not registered on network"


                      I've tried everything! I love this phone so much but it stopped working for me after about a month.

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                        I just recently had this problem.

                        It fixed just like was said above:

                        Go to:

                        1.Settings -> Wireless -> Networks/Mobile Networks -> Network Operators

                        2. Automatically it starts searching for a network

                        3. After that there is a sign - you are registered.

                        4. In the end I took my sim out and put it back.