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    looking for some opinions on nokia phones

      hello t-mobile fans


      I am shopping around for a new cell phone and I really want to give nokia another try. Not sure if I can say the same thing for windows, particularly since the lumina 900 seems stuck on another carrier for a while. i have no interest in android.


      I was wondering if anyone has been using the nokia n8 or nokia n9 in the states? how about the astound or the nokia 701?


      My app needs are low and I know which phones play well with tmo 3g.


      i'd really like to give the n9 but i am trying to find someone who could give me a few more details about updates etc since it isn't officially supported in the states.


      My biggest wants are threaded sms and reliable pop/imap support for google and/or yahoo.


      Has the n8 improved with the anna update? Belle looks stunning.


      Any thoughts, observations or advice would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!

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          Nokia will NOT support the N9 in the United States.  T-Mobile and ATT will NOT support The N9 either. 

          T-Mobile and Nokia will support the N8.

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            I've been using Nokia N9 on T-Mobile USA since November of 2011.  Overall, I'm quite content with it, and I haven't needed any support from either Nokia or T-Mobile.  Let me know if you have any questions about this phone.

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              Appreciate the response. I purchased the N8 a month ago.


              It's a great phone. I wanted to save $ and it is supported by Nokia.


              The camera is great. The update to Belle took two tries, the first time things locked up, but the second time went smooth.


              Occasional reboots but the phone does boot fast. Occasionally emails won't download properly. I'll get mepty emails wit h the subject and addresses but nothing in the body.


              Do you have any problems like this with the N9? How about this latest update? That was another concern of mine, hassles with the update. Did you do it OTA or through computer?


              Anything glitchy or annoying that would be improved?

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                There are a few bugs in the N9, but that's true for any smartphone.  My wife has a T-Mobile G2x, and it's substantially buggier, and my mother's HTC Radar 4G has some quirks, too.  However, the N9 is quite stable and much better than the N900 ever was.  They fixed many bugs with the PR1.2 update, and PR1.3 is supposed to be released soon.  My N9 actually has relatively few problems now, but, of course, this depends on what features and applications someone uses.  I did the PR1.1 and PR1.2 updates over-the-air and didn't encounter any hickups; they went really smooth.  It really is a very nice phone.  The hardware is absolutely gorgeous, and MeeGo, although different from Symbian and even Maemo, still offers a true Nokia UI experience.