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    Turning off T-Mobile chime when booting Springboard


      I'm sorry, I'm probably asking for the moon here, but is there any way (short of rooting, which I don't plan to do) to turn off the sounds when the Springboard boots up? I mean those chimes are so blasted LOUD. I had hoped the trick that works on my vibrant (going to Menu->Settings->Sound->Volume and turning System Volume to off) would also work on the Springboard, but it doesn't. The only sound options I have are Notification and Media Volume. I've taken to trying to place my fingers over the speaker grille but it doesn't tone it down any. I get it you want people to be standing around you saying, "Hey is that from T-Mobile?" But when it's loud enough to make a human jump a foot, especially owner of said device.

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          Hi luvduchovny!


          On most android platforms, you can boot the device in silent mode and the startup sound will not play.  Unfortunately, there are no other factory options for disabling the startup sound on the Springboard. Be sure to check out other The specified item was not found. on this topic.


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            I tried putting the tablet in silent mode and booting off. Turning it back on still gave me the loud Android playing the T-mobile chimes.  And once it was booted on it was still in silent mode.


            I tried using Silent boot from Market. But it really is set to quiet the shutdown noises (which the Springboard doesn't have).


            I guess I'm stuck with the noise that forces me to shut the thing under pillows when I'm at home. I appreciate your help and suggestions even if nothing came of it.