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    Unable to send email - Need SMTP Server

      hi,  i chatted with two tmobile agents last night and none of them can give me the answer.  i hope someone here can help me out.


      i tried to set up my school email on my smartphone (HTC Radar 4G).  i got the school's incoming email server as well as outgoing SMTP email server.  i can able to receive school email but cannot send email.  one of the instructions said, my school smtp will not work from a device that is not connected to a hard-line (wire) and if you are connected via wireless, you must use your personal Internet Service Provider's (ISP) outgoing smtp server setting.


      my phone receives wireless connection through the building where i live, and i assume my ISP is t-mobile cause i bought the data plan from them.  does any one know what i should put under "outgoing smtp email server" in order for sending email?????


      thanks in adance!