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    4G My Tough the worse phone I have ever had, anyone else?

      Once again on the line with tech support about this 4GMytouch, it forcecloses all the time, it freezes up so that I can not even answer calls or navigate in any way on the phone, I can not even turn it off because the touch pad does not work. Seems the only fix is a master re-boot AGAIN...in which all pictures and other data is lost. This is the Second MyTouch, the first one was so bad they replaced it, not this one is just as bad if not worse. So totally frustrating to be getting a business call or call from someone and not be able to answer because the touch pad does not work...anyone else have issues like this? It will also just decide to Re-boot itself...I have been in the middle of calls and the phone go dead, only to see it turned off and re-booted all on its own.

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          My wife has a similar issue with her mytough4g.  I have the same exact phone.  After having to replace both of our first new ones(both brand new defects) my refirb one they sent me works perfectly, but my wife's does NOT!  One time they thought it was because it had a 3g sim card and they swapped that out for a 4g card and we still have issues with hers.  I love mine, but hers sucks.  T-Mobile does not seem to know how to fix it either.  We have spent a lot of time trying stuff and nothing seems to work. 

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            I have only had my phone for 2 weeks.  My problem is not being able to answer a call.  I have been told to press lightly on the middle section and hold for a second THEN drag to answer.  Now when I am in my house people say I cut in and out on them. I am watching this scenerio closer to try and troubleshoot myself (maybe I am need to hold the phone differently).  I notice I have to charge this phone EVERY night or the battery goes completely dead.  I think this phone has so many applications etc that it has a mind of it's own.  I will continue troubleshooting on my own for awhile.

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              I have to KEEP mine charged, plugged up. I can charge it all night, and by 12 noon the battery is almost gone I h ave to keep it plugged into the charger in the car all the time and when home keep it plugged in. It is awful. The battery life is horrible.

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                Iknow what you are going through. I just regestered to this community so I can tell people what a uncareing one tracked minded people that work for them. If I worked at t-mobile, I would not tell anyone. I'd be too emmbarssed.  My phone My touch 4g has been good since 11 mons. ago,then about 2 weeks before x-mas I stared with all the trouble and then some that you have now. I called Dec28th, and was told to go to the t-mobile store he had looked up to see if they had the sd to up date the android software 2.3.4 so I went, but did not check it in the store. When I did I had about6 forceclosures. I called was told reset to factory setting and all erased..To cut the story short I was told to reset to factory 3 times 4th time I called again, my 5th call. I spke to Alissa who transfered me to her superviser cause I ased to speak to her. Hername is TANYA! she spoke above me the whole time and had me do another factory reset.That she could garentee  that I would never have any more trouble at all!nI asked each time I called to please exchange my cell to another type I WOULD PAY THE DIFFERENCE THE WHOLE TIME THEY KEPT SAYING THEY COULD NOT sHE HAD ME CRYING SO MUCH. i CALLED 1 LAST TIME AFTER i WAITED THE 3 DAYSNSHE SAID TO WAIT. THIS TIME I WAS FINNLY TRANSFTO THE LOAYLITY DEPT SINCE I HAD BEEN WITH THEM FOR A LONG TIME. I SPOKE TO AN ALLEN HE ALSO TRYIED TO EXCHANGE THE PHONE FOR THE SAME TYPE. I SAID, AS I TOLD THEM ALL THAT I AM VERY SICK AND RELIED ON THE CELL TO WORK SO IF I NEEDED TO CAAN AMBULANCE, BECASE THE 911 WORKED OFF AND ON. HE STARTED SAYING WITH A MEXCIAN ACCENT SAYING MARIA MARIA I WANT TO HELP YOU BUT I CAN'T I CAN JUST GIVE YOU ANOTHER MT TOUCH4G. OR EARLY UPGRADE WITH ANOTHER 2 YRS CONTRACT. I FINILLY SAID DO NO TALK TO ME WITH AN ACCENT AND I WILL TRASH YOU ALL AND WILL WAIT TILL MY CONTRACT IS OVER


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                  I hear ya !!! I was on the phone AGAIN to Cust Serv as well for about 30 minutes, again, to which he said to do a factory reset AGAIN and I said NO I should not have to go thru the hassle of again taking all the time, hrs to re-enter all my info, on top of that loose pictures that I want to keep that would be lost...3rd time for Fact reset. I told him a customer should not have to do this over and over because the phone is faulty. I am getting business calls that I can not answer because the phone freezes up and the touch pad does not work, cant even turn the  phone off, totally locked up, again. Its awful. I too am gone once my contract is up, may even pay the penalty just to be done. I was told yet another factory upgrade was suppose to come out to fix all these issues...well they just did that TOO a few months ago, so now it has to be done again, and the upgrade last time fixed nothing.

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                    The key is trying with no memory card and no applications for 2 days. Applications from the market can cause these troubles and that is the only way of knowing what causes it.

                    If you are having troubles and first time is needing to be replaced and would be same make and model. Not sure why you would thing you would get something different after one exchange.

                    If you actually call the manufacturer you would have the exact same one. You would have to send them the phone, wait for them to fix it, then send it back to you.

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                        This is a long shot, but you could try using GO Launcher EX as your default laucher instead of HTC Sense.  I made the switch after having performance issues and it's been great.  It is very very customizable, you can add many home screens, set a 5x5 grid size and set screens to scroll circularly etc etc..

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                          Once in a while, my battery would just drain away.  On some of those days, I would catch the init process going haywire and since init is part of the OS, it required a reboot.


                          I also had instances where when I run a GPS location data collection that updates once a second, after maybe 5 hrs, the phone's CPU is absolutely pegged, requiring a reboot.

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                            I've been playing with GoLauncher a lot lately.


                            For some reason, Sense 2.1 forcecloses at least once every time I restart the phone. It loads the home screens (slowly, very slowly) and no matter if you set it down, or load an app, or send a text, or do anything, Sense will forceclose right after restart. It does it eventually after that second load again, but that could be 24 hours later. But I've seen a lot of Sense FCs on my phone.


                            GoLauncher loads in an instant, and hasn't force closed on me a single time. I haven't bit the bullet and set the default to Go yet, since my Sense screens are set up better than Go at this point, but I am considering it.


                            ADWLauncher is another option. Also has a lot if different settings and customizations.


                            Seems that it's Sense 2.1 that causes a lot of issues. If I could delete it, I'd likely default to Go. But I can't so it's still there. But it doesn't cause a problem if I'm using Go. Just when I use Sense (always after restart right away, and eventually after second load of Sense.)

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                              You can go ahead and set Go Launcher as the default.  Then, if/when you want to change back to Sense, just open Go Launcher in Applications and hit Clear Defaults.  After doing this, Go Launcher will no longer be the default launcher and you will again have the list to choose from when clicking the Home button.

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                                I gave my phone to my son because of problems.  However, I watched him use it and noticed he uses his finger tip and not the flat part and he has no problems.  I tried with my finger tip and it worked.  Let me know if you have tried that.

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                                  I am convinced Sense 2.1 is the issue. I wish they would fix it and release a bug fix. It causes all kinds of issued, including the screen lock, touchpad not working, and FC of Sense all the time. Worst part of the update was Sense. Give GO a try. It's free. Works better.


                                  Make sure you have at least 150M of phone memory free, as well. Clear caches. Some apps data files get enormous, too.