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After almost a month of no results, I was fed up with T-Mobile's lack of customer concerns. I have spoken to countless and useless CSR's and now I had no choice but to email corporate T-Mobile in hopes of resolving this issue once and for all. I am attaching the email I sent and warning other g2x victims of this dilemma and to give you the motivation to do something about this issue if it also applies to you. I am quite an understanding and reasonable person, so this is not my idea of getting anything that isn't owed to me. I will be contacting the better business bureau, fcc, and also posting in other android blogs, etc. I would prefer not to waste any more of my precious time on this, but I believe in justice and getting what is righfully owed to me, I encourage those victims to pursue the same thing and spread the word of this.


I got some email address from: [redacted]
I also called in T-Mobile CS and one kind rep was more than happy to give me the email address for the excecutive in CS.


Feel free to spread your concerns with his as well as he's sitting back counting his stack of millions of dollars.

To Whom It May Concern,


  My Name is [insert name here lol] and my phone number is (666) ***-****. I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer since November 14, 2008. I am a very simple and very reasonable person. So other than the frequent poor service signal, I have never had any issues with your company. UNTIL NOW.

  After numerous failed attempts in resolving this issue with countless and unhelpful T-Mobile Customer Service Representatives, I have no choice but to take this problem to the top. Before I file a complaint against T-Mobile with the FCC and NJ State Attorney General for this problem and resort to a legal advisor and then I will end all ties with your company for good, I would like to give T-Mobile ONE MORE chance, because unlike your company, I prefer to resolve issues immediately and at it's source. This ordeal has been so frustrating, it has taken so much energy and time from my life, time I will never get back. I have explained my ordeal and aggravation so many times to so many CSR's that it sounds like a broken record that will never be fixed. So, Where do I even begin?

  On May 20th, 2011 I went into the T-Mobile store in hopes of getting a new phone. Naively, I did not research the G2x and all it's reviews on it being defective. So, ofcourse I decided it was the phone for me because of it's sleek good looks. They say you should never judge a book by it's cover, but in this day and age, you should never judge a cellphone by it's looks.

  My G2x was and still is brand new, so I was very meticulous in taking care of it. On June 22, 2001 it just decided to STOP WORKING. I was in the middle of a text message, when my phone turns off and I have never been able to turn it back on again. So the following day, June 23rd, I went to the T-Mobile store and I was told they would place an exchange order and that I would be receiving my "new" phone within three days. I receive this "new" phone and put my battery, sim card, sd in the phone and it did NOT turn on either. I went back to the store the same day I received it, and was told there was nothing they could do about it! I was told I pretty much made a pointless trip out to the store and I was responsible for returning the "new" phone that was sent to me and going home to call T-Mobile so I can place an order for a new battery (which I suggested was the problem, i had to do the leg work and process of elimination to figure out what was wrong with the phone). Over a week goes by and I did not receive any emails or text messages that my order was processed or that it was being shipped. I waste my time again by calling Customer Service and I was told after a few "uh-oh's" that my battery was back ordered and they had no idea when I would receive it. Not until this point was when I began getting really annoyed. I call again to speak to a different CSR, that's when he tells me that I should cancel my battery order with T-Mobile and to call LG directly to receive the battery. Luckily, I was credited a mere $45.99 to my account for a battery that costs $50 so I would be able to purchase the battery myself through LG instead of T-Mobile. He also suggested I try taking my original phone to the store to see if I could use the store's display battery so I could see if the battery was the source of the issue. Of course, every T-Mobile store in my area did not have any G2x's and I was told it was pulled off your shelves due to hardware issues. Great, more bad news! So after more waiting and days pass, finally I received my battery. I was getting pretty excited to use my phone that I am making monthly payments for the phone and service, I was beginning to give T-Mobile the benefit of the doubt. I charged my original LG G2X with it's new battery for 20 minutes (as the rep suggested) then tried to turn it on, NOTHING. After trying to a few more minutes with no luck, I was extremely annoyed at this point. Again, time from my busy life was taken from me because I had to call Customer Service yet another time! The representative said she would be sending me out a "new" G2X and I would have to return my brand new original phone back. I finally received my "new" phone yesterday the 18th of July, when I realize it is not a new phone like my original, but a refurbished one.

  Now the issue here is, I REFUSE to make full price monthly installment payments on a refurbished phone. I was offered the MYTouch 4g and then the G2 as an exchange phone to have, but either are equivalent to my original LG G2X. I paid for a NEW phone and I am still paying service to use my "new" phone. If I had wanted to use a refurbished phone, I could easily have bought one. It is unacceptable for T-Mobile to make customers pay for a phone they didn't buy. I have read countless reviews on your T-Mobile website and Android communities, where T-Mobile G2x victims all describing very similar issues. I would think that with the response from the community over the g2x's defective issues, T-Mobile would have been a bit more helpful concerning my problems. I understand not every one has these problems, however completely ignoring the issues and your customers is deplorable and unacceptable. Would I recommend T-Mobile to a friend? No, I don't think I would recommend your company to my worst enemy. Minor adjustments to my account is nothing when I have spent a sufficient amount of time on the phone with Customer Service and have traveled back and forth from not only the T-Mobile stores but also the UPS store.

  Like I mentioned previously and you can tell by pulling up my account, that I have been a loyal customer with T-Mobile for basically 3 years. I was extremely committed in staying with T-Mobile up until this point. T-Mobile has not showed me the same commitment, nor did your company display prompt and courteous customer service. If there is nothing further done about this problem, and/or if I do not receive a phone of equivalent value, I will be forced to file a complaint, consult a lawyer, and terminate all ties and relationships with T-Mobile. I will also inform others of this dilemma on your T-Mobile G2x reviews and all other Android communities or those interested in opening a line with your carrier service.

  I hope there is something done about this because according to your slogan "stick together" and how T-Mobile is the "highest rated in customer service",  I would really like to believe that and give your company the benefit of the doubt.




  Yani (blah blah blah)


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