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    My phone is freaking out, can anybody tell me what's happening?

      About 4 days ago, my phone was having issues receiving/downloading texts due to "a generic network failure."  The next day, it started freaking out.  I'll be in the middle of texting / reading someone's text / a phonecall / being online, basically anything requiring connection/reception, & it'll cut me off.  I'll go from full bars & 3G coverage to a blank/black/wiped out screen, that returns to the home screen w/no bars whatsoever & an X on the mobile connection.  Then a few seconds later it'll go back to normal (bars & 3G).  Now the first day this happened, it was every so often & got increasingly worse as the day went on.  Yesterday I timed it, & it happens every few minutes, with the exception of when I'm texting, then it'll happen whenever it wants to.  I have to race to text, or it'll be blanked out & I have to start all over again.  I've turned my phone off & on several times now, & have even taken the battery & the sim card out, & this thing is still happening.  I'd just like to know what is going on.  It's not as if I'm using my phone in new areas (I basically go to the same places & have never had problems before), & I've asked my friends with T-Mobile, as well as with the same phone, if they were having any problems w/their reception, but they don't.  Can anybody tell me what's happening?  Because I can't call customer service as this is my only phone.  I also don't really want to reset it unless that's truly the correct & only way to fix this issue.  Help please, me & technology aren't really friends.