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    mytouch 4g battery life problem..?

      i've had my phone for about 10 months, and this phone's battery has been driving me crazy. sometimes, when i'm not even using it, the battery drains itself from 100% to 0% for absolutely no reason whatsoever. i've google'd and turned off everything, but the battery still drains itself randomly. i'd choose to have massive amounts of turd jammed into my pocket rather than this piece of junk burning up my thigh.


      i looked around and saw that there were several updates that should have fixed this by now.. can someone PLEASE explain to me why my phone hasn't got any of these updates, and why it's so behind in all of this? i have android version 2.2.1 & software number 1.17.531.2


      if this doesn't get resolved, i am, without a doubt, more than ready to switch carriers and phones once this contract is up.