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G-Slate Rebooting Loop


This happens sporadically with my G-Slate. I've tried wiping it, and only having the preinstalled apps on it but the rebooting persists. It usually reboots 4-5 time before it stops. In this instance It rebooted twice before I started filming and stopped after the last one shown. My favorite times for this to happen are while I'm sleeping and when I'm in meetings (the later is why my G-Slate no longer comes to work with me). This G-Slate has already been in for warranty repair once.


This is another reason I am asking for bug fixes on this tablet.

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    This has absolutely never happened with my G-Slate.


    Others please reply if this has or has not occured with yours.

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    Yeah that hasn't happened to me either.

    After you wiped it did try without any your application.

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    nope, I have not see that either.  in fact I don't think I've had any random reboot with the slate.


    I'd try another reset, sometimes it doesn't seem to wipe clean the first time (at least with phones).

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    theartiszan: "I've tried wiping it, and only having the preinstalled apps on it but the rebooting persists."

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    gandecab: I've factory wiped this device more than a dozen times. It's even been sent it for repair to LG...

    Do you guys understand why I am so frustrated yet?

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    Tried using a fresh SIM card yet?

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    Never seen that happen on mine either.  I would second the SIM card.  Does your G-Slate get hot before this happens?

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    darnell: yep

    h2oskierc : Nope, it is the regular temp.

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    This happened to me once. I had to remove the back cover where the SIM card is located and use a paperclip to press the reset button. After I got the G-Slate to respond again, I did a factory reset and haven't had any issues since.


    Electronics aren't perfect, so I can accept these kinds of occasional bugs. I've had my G-Slate for a long time now and still love it. Little things like this don't get me down.

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    My G-Slate sits next to me for most of the day daily.  So I know I've never had the issue before.  But tonight, I turned on my Slate and it was on the gray "G-Slate" splash screen and seemed to be stuck there.  So I popped the back cover and hit the reset button.  It came up and went into the reset looping.  So after about its 2nd or 3rd shut down without provocation, I removed the back cover and pulled the SIM card before it got past the splash screen.  It came up with no issues and no more reboot loops.


    So I think removing the SIM helps in these cases.  Just put it back in sometime later if you use T-Mobile data.


    I would not be surprised if T-Mobile's bloatware is to blame and that removing the SIM then letting it boot up with no SIM may stop whatever conflict is occurring.

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    The G-Slate is running stock Honeycomb. So much for your bloatware theory.

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    It's not stock. 


    TMO adds the apps: Get Web Now, My Account, My Device, NFS Shift HD, T-Mobile TV, QuickOffice, Zinio(maybe).

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    gandecab wrote:


    It's not stock. 


    TMO adds the apps: Get Web Now, My Account, My Device, NFS Shift HD, T-Mobile TV, QuickOffice, Zinio(maybe).


    My point exactly.


    Unless it's an unlocked LG Optimus Pad, the non-T-Mobile branded version of the device, it's got bloat.  The bloat is stuff the carrier puts on for themselves, not software the OEM desired to have on the device.  And the bloat just has a very bad history across devices.  Dare I say, carrier app developers just don't seem to perform their job as well as others.


    This is precisely why people who run customized ROMs on devices proclaim they never have many of the issues their "stock" counterparts endure.  First thing most customized ROM developers strip out is the bloat.


    This may also explain why tenkely continued having issues even after having LG service his device.  I suspect there's something outside of LG's sphere of influence that is the culprit.  (And who's to say LG kept the SIM in while doing their service work?  In fact, it would be smarter for tenkely to have removed the SIM before even sending it in, which he might have done.) 


    Anyway, if it happens to me again, I'll just remove the SIM.  In fact, since mine is on my home WiFi, I still have yet to put my SIM back in .

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    Thanks for the update here.

    Yeah, the bloat would also explain why even after a factory reset without reinstalling any apps the random reboot would continue. Sigh...

    darnell Yeah, I removed my SIM before I sent it in.

    It's possible one of the bloat apps (specifically thinking of the My Account app, which never fully worked anyway) needed to grab data from the mobile network it but failed so hard it crashed the entire tablet, repeatedly. Who knows...

    This is why I prefer to buy Nexus Android devices to avoid carrier bloat (VZW may have ruined that though). Sprint has the right idea moving away from bloatware on their Android devices and T-Mobile should follow suit. If any carrier has an app they want me to use, they should put it in the Android Market and make it good enough to warrant me actually using it.

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