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    How to turn off notification...


      Hello, somehow I turned on a notification with music any time I get a voice mail, a gmail or an IM.  I found the setting for notifications and I see the song I chose is checked, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to turn the darn thing off!  I don't want notification on these when they come in...can someone help before this drives me batty?!?    Thank you!

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          for notifications on texts, go to your messages hit the Menu button for Settings and then scroll down and uncheck "Play Notification Sound"


          for Gmail, go into Settings and select the ringtone "Silent"


          for general Email do the same..Settings > Notification Settings > uncheck notification sound


          for Google Talk IMs ... rinse & repeat and select the Silent ringtone


          you'd think they had a general setting to not play sounds across all notifications but they don't.  and there's no "Silent" option by default.


          hope that helps.  (you can also uncheck the option to get notified altogether)

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            Hi deacon, thanks for the info - it was great and right-on!  One more question, though, that I have - somehow I also have a notification set up for when I receive voice mail (don't know when I found all these notifications that are now set on my phone) and want to know how to turn off that one, also...?  Appreciate your help & expertise!

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              you're welcome sapphire


              you shouldn't get a pop up notification for a voicemail though.  just the little icon at the top and a sound.  they don't have a way on the phone to not get that notification unfortunately.


              you could do the extreme though and set your voicemail up with Google Voice which does give you an option not to be notified on the phone.  i like Google Voice separately and not as a voicemail option personally but it might suit you if you really really really want that voicemail notificaiton gone


              just another option.

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                one other thing you could do is simply turn your notification volume all the way down.  go into settings > sounds > set audio volume


                then turn your Notification volume all the way down.

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                  Hi Deacon, thanks again - but I wish I knew what I DID to start all these notifications in the first place - on the vm one that I am now getting, the weird thing is that when I get a vm, it plays the song that I "chose" as my ringtone and I know it didn't do that before...so, if I can't turn it off, will the "song" quit singing on it's own if I ignore it or do I have to acknowlege it when I get a vm even if I don't want to pick it up at that time?  Since I have my ring tones managed by a ring tone app, when I go in to "try" and turn it off, I can't because it asks me to open it in "rings extended" and the only choices I have are...you got it...ringtones...!   Oh so confusing, and oh so little time!  Thanks for your expertise, once again...good we have people like you to help those in need!

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                    the fastest way to get it to stop is to just quickly pull down the notification tab and hit "clear notifications".  but yeah it'll stop after a few seconds if you ignore it


                    that's weird that it's playing a ringtone though.  you can't assign tones to voicemails.


                    however, it might not be a stretch to think that whatever ringtone app you have is causing all the strangeness.  i personally refrain from apps...i just use my own mp3's and store them on my SD card to use.


                    pretty simple.  i'm not an app guy though so my opinion on apps is a little biased lol 


                    still it's always a good thing to do as much with the phone as you can without relying on an app.  using your own music rather than having a ringtone app is my preference.

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                      Okay got it...I picked up the app originally because I wanted to assign ring tones from my downloaded music from Amazon to my rings that came in - that is what T-Mo had recommended...I'm not so savvy to figure out how to "load" them to my sd card so wasn't sure what to do at that point...i haven't branched out enough yet to really see how to download the music other than through the Amazon App which i have used in the past.  I can always take off rings extended to see if that would clear up the issue and go from there (reload it if I need to) huh?  I know, I find it really strange, too, that my vm notification is a ringtone...I find that strange, and don't have a clue what happened..!  Thanks for your advise...!

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                        lol i blame you




                        and if you're ever feeling "geeky" and what to try loading your own ringtones here's how


                        1 connect your phone to a PC.
                        2 pull down the notification tab and touch the part where it says "charging" and set that to Disk Drive.

                        3 your computer should automatically bring up the SD card but if it doesn't, click on My Computer and access the E: or Removable Disk


                        4 right click on the E: drive and choose New Folder ... name that folder "ringtones" if you want ringtones or "notifications" if you want notifications or both


                        5 find whatever mp3's you want to use and just drag/drop them into the newly created ringtones/notifications folder.


                        6 disconnect your phone from the PC and the mp3's you copied over to the SD card should now show up under your list of ringtone/notification choices.


                        i know it sounds like a lot to do but it isn't ... it's easy as pie

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                          you don't want to select songs for notification tones because you can't silence them.  Maybe by clearing the notification bar will stop it too, but that's a lot to do for evey alert (get out phone, unlock, swipe down bar, clear alert).  It'll play until the song is over.  you want to keep notification tones short.


                          Ringtones can be longer songs as you can silence them by pressing the volume keys or unlocking the phone.

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                            I know - I honestly have no clue what I did...what a bugger! 

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                              Thanks Deacon, I appreciate that quick lesson and will print it out and take it home with me to give it a try - BUT - I have only (so far) downloaded itunes to my computer and I don't believe they work in the same way as mp3's?  If I want to download songs (like from cd's) and NOT put them into itunes for this purpose...how do you get out of the itunes setting to download into another app?  I'm expecting too much of you, I know...but you started it! 

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                                *starts $60 per hour billing*




                                it's cool sapphire ... i work on a computer quite literally about 10 hours of my day so helping you is "on the job" so to speak. lol


                                you can use iTunes tracks for it but i'd have to walk you through and it might get messy in here haha ... shoot me an email though and i'll be happy to make sure you work through you iTunes library correctly.


                                anyway about the CD, just put the CD in your PC and if it asks to import into iTunes just say no.  then click on My Computer and click on your CD drive.  and then it's as simple as dragging and dropping the mp3's from there.


                                and they won't play all day ... the phone is set up so that it plays only a few seconds (probably not even that long) from whatever mp3 you choose so don't worry .. your notification or ringtone won't loop forever until the song is done lol


                                again, shoot me an email if you want to grab your iTunes music or if you just feel more comfortable using iTunes to access music for ringtones.  i'll give you some quick steps that you can print out.



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                                  Your MyTouch 4G is different than mine which does not have a Notification category in Settings for HTC Mail.  There is apparently no way to turn it off in the current OS.  This is from TM customer rep.

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                                    This question is NOT answered, at least as to HTC Mail.  My MyTouch 4G does not have any Notification settings in Settings (or more precisely within More in the Menu selection).  The only options there are "Marked" and "New Account".  FWIW - This is confirmed by employee at TM store in Austin.  He opines that such "may" be addressed in new OS.  Also, FWIW, following my previous post of this day, "deacon" emailed me directly repeating his same "solution".  My email to him is bounced back with the notation "The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly."

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