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Syncing T-mobile contacts to phone

I've recently discovered that when customizing my contact list (e.g. adding Caller ID pics or Caller ID ringers), only my Gmail or T-mobile Contacts Backup pop-up after selecting an image or mp3.  If there's a way to get my contacts saved on my SIM to show up during this process, then please do not read on.  If not, I'm guessing my other option would be to turn my SIM contacts into T-mobile Contacts.  I have over 60 contacts and do not wish to input them one by one again and save them as a T-mobile Contact.  However, I see that in my T-mobile account under My Contacts, everyone is there, and on my Exhibit 2 under Accounts and Sync, there's the option to sync T-Mobile Contacts Backup.  Unfortunately, not matter how many times I sync my T-Mobile contacts under this app, my entire contact list on the T-mobile website does not show up on my phone. 


So, ultimately I have 2 questions:


1.  Do SIM contacts have the option to have a Caller ID pic or personal ringtone?

2.  How can I get my contact list (on the T-mobile website) into my phone as T-mobile contacts?