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    Syncing T-mobile contacts to phone

      I've recently discovered that when customizing my contact list (e.g. adding Caller ID pics or Caller ID ringers), only my Gmail or T-mobile Contacts Backup pop-up after selecting an image or mp3.  If there's a way to get my contacts saved on my SIM to show up during this process, then please do not read on.  If not, I'm guessing my other option would be to turn my SIM contacts into T-mobile Contacts.  I have over 60 contacts and do not wish to input them one by one again and save them as a T-mobile Contact.  However, I see that in my T-mobile account under My Contacts, everyone is there, and on my Exhibit 2 under Accounts and Sync, there's the option to sync T-Mobile Contacts Backup.  Unfortunately, not matter how many times I sync my T-Mobile contacts under this app, my entire contact list on the T-mobile website does not show up on my phone. 


      So, ultimately I have 2 questions:


      1.  Do SIM contacts have the option to have a Caller ID pic or personal ringtone?

      2.  How can I get my contact list (on the T-mobile website) into my phone as T-mobile contacts?

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          1. You'll need to import the contacts from the SIM card to the phone, sorry .

          2.  A workaround to get these contacts to show up on the phone has been posted here:





          Hope this helps.

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            I have the same problem but when I log into My Tmobile acct it doesnt show my contacts it will only show just one contact on the side & I can't seem to get all of them I also have over 60 contacts that I truely dont fill like addin them all one by one.

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              tknaka if syncing from the phone to get your tmobile contacts is not working you can private message me your name and mobile number and I can force a slow sync for you but inthos is right sim contacts can only have name and number no additional information, pictures or personal ringtones typically.


              lilmama86 please private message me your name and mobile number so that I can see exactly what you are talking about and see what we can do to help.





                private message me by clicking my name and then the "send private message" on the right

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                Thank you for replying.  My friend found a solution for me, but it may involve a new SIM card and deleting duplicate contacts (which I hate).  Fortunately, you don't have to input them one by one, just delete.  These are the steps:


                Go to Contacts > tap Menu > tap Import/Export > select Import from SIM card > Save contact to T-Mobile Contacts > then your SIM card contacts magically turn into T-mobile contacts


                *If you have a new SIM card, take it out and it'll save you the trouble from deleting the SIM card duplicates, but now you just have to deal with the T-mobile ones.

                *I read over the directions in the link rinthos provided...it sounds good, but I'd have trouble with the very last step because for whatever reason, when I sync my T-mobile Contacts with the Accounts and Sync app, it never really updates anything.  But it could work for someone else


                Thanks again!

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                  That will work, also if you open your contacts press menu (might have to tap "more") then tap view or display options you can just not show the sim contacts so that part is easy as well.



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                    Contacts stored on the SIM only store the contact name and phone number. On a related note, T-Mobile contact backup will not work when you are connected to Wi-Fi. In order to do the sync you need to turn off Wi-Fi which will force your phone to connect over T-Mobile's cellular data network (assumes that you have a data plan).

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                      Can you force mine to sync?

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                        Might only sync with tmobile backup contacts not phone contacts