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    Phone Keeps Shutting Down!

      I got my phone friday. by saturday it would turn off on its on. Did that a couple times and then it stopped. Sunday night it turned off so I popped the battery out and back in turned it on and it started just fine but when it got to the home screen it would shut off. At that point it kept doing this over and over. Called tmobile, they sent me a new one and its doing the same thing. My sim and my sd work just fine with other phones so I dont think its that. I was thinking it was the battery but The phone works fine without the sim or SD. Has anybody had this happened? Does anybody know what could be causing this?

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          Did you charge the phone all of the way before using it?


          I find it weird that two devices are defective in the same way. I'd suggest doing a factory reset.

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            I also find it weird that both phones did the same things. I have actually done a few factory resets and I found out yesterday what might be causing. Seems every time I sync with facebook that issue comes up. I did a factory reset after i noticed that. now I just have it synced to my gmail and its been working fine.. Id like to sync to facebook. I wonder why that app would cause it to shut down

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              Yeah that is really weird...


              I am sync'd to Facebook and don't have these issues. Are you syncing through the default app that was on the phone or are you usind a third party app?


              I've had bad experiences with Bloo as a Facebook client... slow, laggy and unresponsive.

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                Im syncing through the  default app.  So I'm not sure if its the phone or my FB account? Nothing like this has ever happened to anyone else so Im completely clueless as to what i should do

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                  Hmm... I doubt it's the facebook app...Do you have any other apps installed right now?

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                    I only have shazam installed. I did notice yesterday that my phone shut down as the battery got to 50%. Now im leaning more towards the battery being the problem. Im gonna get a new one today and ill see how that helps. I hope its that. it would be weird if it was the FB app, which i too doubt cuz every amaze had that app and everyone uses it.

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                      Got a new battery. T-Mobile didnt have them so I went to Batteries Plus. I got one there today. Im still charging right now but I did went ahead and sync'd my facebook account and it has no turned off. So it looks like it was the battery. I will wait a few more hours after i take it off the charger and see how it does. Im crossing my fingers!!

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                        It was the battery! If youre phone is shutting down constantly get a new battery or have tmobile send you one if its under warranty. If they dont have any in stock try batteries plus. I got mine there. My phone no longer shuts down and ive been able to download the apps I use.