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    Cannot answer calls- phone freezes!

      I have had my Samsung Exhibit II 4G for nearly 30 whole days, and it has frozen up on me at least a dozen times!!!  I'm so frustrated.  It usually happens when I attempt to answer an incoming phone call.  I touch the "Answer" slider on the screen & it gets stuck halfway across the screen and does not answer the call.  It stays frozen like that (none of the side keys work either) until I take the battery out and reboot it.  Another issue is that the phone really lags, and I don't have anything on it that could possibly cause it to be so slow.  I have visited the T-Mobile store I bought the phone from, and they said (of course) since it is over 14 days old, I should call 611 on my mobile phone to talk to customer service and get a replacement phone sent to me... What?!  I understand that they are "sales" reps, but shouldn't customer service be integrated in there somewhere?  I mean, they have phones in the store that could easily replace my defective device.  At the very least, they could /contact "customer support" for me and request a replacement for me, since I am not having ANY luck with *611.  When I call customer service, I get the automated T-Mobile menu that cannot understand that I am having an issue with my phone/ need technical support/ would like to talk to a human... and hangs up on me.  Is there anyone out there that can help me with this issue?  I appreciate it!

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          Hi sugarplum520,

               I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been having with your phone. If you have to contact 611, you can simply say "tech support" and that should get you to the right place. The following link below can help you with freezing.




          Please let me know if you need any further assistance!

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            Im having same problems.  Samsung Exhibit II freezes every day - often twice a day.  Its not being caused by an app as Ive tested this.  It freezes just by swiping homescreen or touching a preinstalled app like Gmail or NewsWeather.  Every TMobile rep you speak to tells you something different.  TForce rep on this website said its a 'known issue' that you have to deal with.  (Basically tough luck - just like all the folks having trouble with their texts and photo attachments)...Or the rep that said " go find another carrier if youre not satisfied"


            I dont think customers should have to reset their phone every day?  Its just crazy

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              Well several reps have bow acknowledged its a known issue on here & twitter. Sadly their only solution has been to buy a new phone or deal with it! Its really sad to see how far tmo custserv has fallen. They try to blame the user ir an app but WE know the truth. Youd think theyd exchange phones but they just dont seem to care

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                I have not had any luck with customer support- I keep getting the same "perform a master reset and that should help". Great, that's exactly what I want to do every couple of days- I can't see how resetting my phone & losing ALL of my information is solving my problem.  And I am still irritated that the in-store reps are not able (willing) to help- "you'll have to call 611 to get assistance"- I'm standing right here and I'm the only person in the store, so how about you dial 611 and get assistance for me, the CUSTOMER... I am so frustrated with T-Mobile!!!  Come on- if you know that the phone is defective, then get together with Samsung & replace the defective product with a new, operational product.  I have purchased Samsung products in the past and I have never had any issues with the products or their customer service, which leaves me to believe that this issue lies at T-Mobile.  If anyone gets a straight answer from "support", please let me know!

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                  Hey T-Mo, How is taking my phone off of 4g (a service that I pay for) and resetting my phone a few times a week even considered a solution?! I never had to do this with my iPhone or any other phone for that matter.. and dont tell me not to download the apps that you provide on your market!! that was a feature of why I purchased your phone in the first place!!


                  I will let you know as soo as I hear something sugarplum520.

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                    I JUST CANT BELIEVE THAT FINALLY SOMEONE IS HAVING THE SAME ISSUES IM HAVING.  Ive been called all sorts of name.  The ECR guy even told me to go leave Tmobile if I wasnt happy, and Ive had the same problems since the first week in November when Igot this phone sent to me directly by Tmobile Head of Prepaid Mike Katz.  I immediately complained to him (as he sent the phone to compensate for customer service problems I had and he 'promised' to make things right immediately) and he ignored me and pawned me off on someone who did nothing.


                    Ive been having the same exact issues.  The phone freezes once or twice daily, forcing me to take the battery out.  Then sometimes it wont load and starts turning off and on uncontrollably.  Sometimes in the middle of the night with the phone on the nightstand it would wake me up cuz it would turn off and on for no reason. 

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                      Curious, but do you have live wallpaper running? I had the same problem with my phone freezing and the only change that I'd made when this started was using a live wallpaper. I turned it off and just used a plain image and the freezing/lag when coming back into the lock screen went away.


                      It's sad to see a phone like this suffer from lag and all this bs. I blame the bloatware on the phone. I've been quite tempted to root this thing for the sake of performance. That or wishing I'd thought to snag an unlocked version that wouldn't have all this junk loaded. But the perks of being able to insure the phone was nice to have... *sigh*

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                        Nope, I have no live wallpaper running.


                        Im so frustrated I dont know what to do.  Im ill, disabled and rely on this phone literally for life and death.  The stress and frustration the incompetent Tmobile/Samsung staffs have put me through have been detrimental to my health.  TForce reps have repeatedly admitted there are 'known issues' yet they stick to their PR shtick of "Im sorry you are not satisfied with our resolution"  THERE HAS BEEN NO RESOLUTION!  If the phone is defective - as Tmobile and even Google employees- have told me...then FIX OR RECALL & REPLACE.  GIve your customers a working phone for Gods sake.


                        Ive got a paper trail of calling and writing about these problems since the first week Ive had the phone. Ive done every single step Tmobile has asked me to do - from countless resets, to sending it in for repair, to adding a few apps per day...Its not an app - its  the hardware - theres something wrong with the phone.  Ive now got Pavlovs dog syndrome where I hear the music of the phone turning off and on and I start panicking. 


                        It freezes every single day -sometimes twice- and then when I try to reload - it starts turning off and on, off and on.  Luckily, since my last reset, it only happens for 10-20 minutes although its still driving me crazy...because I know at any time, I will lose everything again.  It has happened in the past for hours - routinely it would happen for four or five hours- before my last reset, it went on for 15 hours overnight.  Even taken it to the Tmobile store repeatedly, where everyone says this handset is defective but 'corporate wont let us give you another phone becuase a single customer is not worth it to them.  Ive even dealt with the same exact Tmobile employee online, and they just have no clue - they send me the same link to reset my phone every other day - and Im like "dont  you keep track of your communications? youve sent me the same exact thing and Ive told you Ive done all of this" or then they tell me that I should turn my phone off and on - and again I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs - "arent you listening to anything Im saying?  You must have records ; the phone is turned off and on every day because it freezes and I have to take the battery off and pray that it will work again"


                        I dont konw what to do- Im the idiot who hasnt left already as all my friends have told me they wouldnt put up with this BS .


                        The freezing doesnt happen within an app; 99% of the time it just happens when swiping homescreens or just tapping a pre-installed app. Trust me, Ive done all the experiments, tests, solutions Ive been told to do.  Laggging and freezing are known issues but they have no response to fix it and yet theyre still selling the phone.  I just dont understnad why the lack of response or customer service from this company who used to be known for that, or from a company whose CEO says their main priority is to keep cusotmers from leaving.  You read forums and blogs and theres such a clear pattern of problems but also of stack replies from customer service.


                        I dont know what good 'insure' the phone is when it doesnt work; I sent it in for repair which meant I didnt have it for 2 weeks and nothing changed.  Worse, samsung  refuses to tell me what if anything they did to fix the phone - or what problem they found or what they replaced.  They just say they worked on components and that customers are not allowed to talk to technicians.  I sent th em the phone, battery, charger, sd card with everything loaded on it just as they requested - with a note describing the problem - I got it all back in a box with nothing at all from Samsung.  Even the note was returned probably not even read.  The Tmo store employee told me its sad but hes heard this same story over and over.  You make a point of the bloatware as I always see the stuff running in the background is all the apps that are preinstalled that Ihavent even touched. (beware of course of the tmobile tv as it will bill you automatically if you tap it as others have complained)...Or you have reps that tell you that you shouldnt install any apps unless they are made by Samsung - then whats the point of an Android phone?  Everyone blames everyone - thats why Apple and iphone are looking so much more attractive (and ironically the last samsung rep I spoke to told me he has an iphone..and I had to laugh because as soon as he said t hat, he realized he made a boo boo).  Ive only downloaded well reviewed, popular apps from Android Market but regardless even when the phone was reset, these problems started within a week.  Sure, if you never touch the phone, it wont freeze up.

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                          By the way, how is this thread "Assumed Answered" if people keep posting complaints of having the same problems.  By saying its answered, it may not trigger any Tmobile employees from looking at it...although they have no response.  If I hear someone again say "Im sorry you arent satisfied with our resolution" line, Im gonna shoot myself.  You have to provide a resolution - like a working handset - or some kind of fix to whatever the issues are plaguing this one.

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                            I wondered the same thing- how is this assumed answered?


                            I don't have live wallpaper either.  I had a case on the phone to protect it, and I thought maybe the faceplate was touching the touchscreen & making it go crazy, so I took the case off, but it still does the frozen lock thing. I deselected "power button ends calls" in my settings too, and I thought that did the trick, but three or four calls later the phone froze again when I swiped the screen to answer a call. Also, I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but when I answer a call the in call volume drops to silent & I can't hear the person on the other end of the phone! The volume +/- button on the side of the phone doesn't do ANYTHING when I try to turn it up, but if I try to turn the volume DOWN, it jumps up to mid level volume & then the UP button works again.  EVERY TIME I answer my phone I have to do this!!  Again, "perform a master reset" is the answer of the day at T-Mobile. It's getting REALLY old.

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                              For the record, Im also having texting issues that others are having...Friend send me photo attachment - never downloaded...And today Tmobile was officially ranked as worst customer service among all the major wireless carriers.  Just unbelievable...Thread after thread of customers complaining about problems with Exhibit 2 from texting to freezing to photos to power cycling and nothing from TMobile.  If any other product was defective, there'd be a recall.  Meanwhile, Tmobile is still selling this phone and even increased the price to $350.  Ridiculous!


                              So now in addition to the phone freezing, mysteriously turning off, power cycling for no good reason, I also cannot receive photo attachments on texts (other customers cant text at all)


                              Tmobiles response is to tell you to keep paying your bill and 'sorry youre not satisfied with our resoultion"  Please just give us a resolution so we can be satisified or dissatisfied.

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                                In regard to the texting/attachment issue, if you have the power saver thing enabled, that thing will shut off the service that makes downloading attachments possible. I had the same problem a few nights ago and found out that was the problem. Sure enough, the two boxes that needed to be checked (under mobile network settings, "use packet data" should be checked off. I also checked "data roaming." I'm not sure if this is necessary or I just checked that just because I wanted to. Either way, my problem with receiving and sending picture messages was solved.


                                The only issues I've had is the lag and the phone freezing up. There's something running that effs the phone up and it's NOT us, which is implied when they go on about doing a master reset and not using any apps. By the way, how can we not run the apps when T-Mobile's crappy apps automatically run? Have they even considered that THEIR apps are what's doing this?


                                The phone itself rocks, but it's the **** that T-Mobile puts on the phone that makes it do this junk. I also notified Samsung about the ambient sensor not working and they made note of it, which is fine with me. I'm not that concerned about that feature. My only regret is not getting an unlocked version of this phone. I doubt I'd see the same issues with it.

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                                  Ive tried checking and unchecking every box possible and still get no where.  Ive had freezing and worse, power cycling from day one.  Ive done numerous master resets and every othe rtrouble shooting step and have now sent the phone to Samsung for the second repair in 2 months.  By the way, while TMobile reps continue to say the phone has 'known issues', Samsung reps - including their ECR, deny that.


                                  Its also ironic that while Tmobile continues to admit known issues and cant/wont fix them, they have increased the phone price on Tmobile.com by 75%.  The phone that was introduced at under $200 is now being sold for $350 without a contract.


                                  When products have known issues, dont they get recalled?  Tmobile really should do something to make it up to customers that keep experiencing a huge host of problems with this handset.  Something is obviously wrong - whether its TMobile or hardware, I dont know...All I know is that its happening, and keeps happending no matter what I do.


                                  And the ridiculous response of "im sorry youre not satisifed with our resolution" is not a response.


                                  The last rep told me to make sure I turn the phone off every day...Um...what part of 'the phone freezes and I have to take the battery out to restart it" did you not understand?


                                  Its just ridiculous.  And yes those pre-installed apps are always running in the background even when you dont even touch them.  The Samsung rep said he couldnt comment on any of the TMobile preinstalled stuff and said that they could be causing the problem but they cannot be held responsible for whatever Tmobile adds to the phone.


                                  Customer after customer keeps complaining about this phone and the best TMobile does is delete any posts that are critical. God forbid you criticize a TMobile employee.




                                  Im so sick and tired of reading all these statements by their CEO of how we have to do better and re-earn our customers trust.  A good start would be providing a reliable handset!  Its not a surprise to any of us who keep asking for help with this defective handset that yesterday Tmobile was crowned by JD Powers as the worst cell phone company in terms of customer service.


                                  CMON TMOBILE>>>HELP US


                                  And Im really appalled that they continue to sell the Exhibit 2 and raised the price to $350...and not surprisingly, Ive tried to post a not so glowing review three times, and all three times, its been deemed unacceptable.

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                                    It was already being sold for 350 without contract. I saw someone announce that the other day and it was already advertised for as much when I was shopping around for it earlier in January, so it's not THAT sudden of a change, I guess. :/ The unlocked versions go for 400+, so it's either buy this phone out of contract for 350 or buy an unlocked one for 400+.


                                    The fact that the T-Mobile reps are trying to the best of their knowledge is admirable, but even they can only do so much. Any other technical issues would be in Samsung's hands. I don't really expect the reps to know every single detail about this phone in regard to glitches and such. THAT would be on Samsung to solve.


                                    However, like what was mentioned before, their apps (as any carrier's apps, so it's not JUST T-Mobile) clog up the phone and mess up a lot of the features. The specs that you see with the handset are the specs from the factory. What's installed on those phones after leaving manufacturing will change some of that a bit (in regard to performance). A friend of mine has the Galaxy SII and has the same laggy problems with her phone, and that is a really nice phone. So overall, if they must put their apps on there, please work on the efficiency of them. That's the one perk of the android market. Access to updates = improvements to apps and their performance. These Tmo apps that are put on the phones, do they ever really get updated? I think I've seen one get updated since I got the phone, but are they working to improve these so they aren't slowing phones down? How long ago were they developed that they're such hogs of resources?


                                    So while I'm not going to exactly flame them, I'd say that's my only complaint- the bloatware. And if they have to put all of it on there, keep it to the basics and keep those apps running light. The TV and Tmo ID apps should be given an option to be deleted after their trial period ends/the users choice to decline the service. Once the trial is over and/or they just don't use it because of additional costs, why not let them get rid of it? It's just taking up space. I don't mind the My Account app or My Device apps, Both seem kind of standard to have if you want to access your specific info about your account and services with Tmo. But some of the rest should be optional. Not all users are into Bejeweled and whatever else the other one is.

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