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    My phone is stuck on the TMobile screen

      So my phone schized out yesterday, locking randomly while I was trying to show someone one of my pictures. I took out the battery and turned it off, and then when I turned it back on, it got stuck in the 'TMobile MyTouch Slide' screen (the white one with the green writing). I've tried to charge it, took the battery out and reset it, and even did a system boot from the menu screen (with the android guys on it). It's still getting stuck on that screen. I didn't want to have to replace it so soon, so I wanted to try everything before I send away for a new one. Is there anything left to do or should I just give up?

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               I'm sorry to hear that your phone is unusable right now, but I don't want you to give up just yet!  Based on the software version of your phone, I have seen two different hard button reset instructions work, and I would want to try both of them, making sure that the phone has had the already-charged battery pulled and re-inserted and isn't connected to any other connections (chargers, USB etc).  These instructions will not delete anything on your SIM card, memory card or Gmail account.


          First way:

          1. Turn off the phone.       
            • Note: If the phone is unresponsive and does not turn off,  remove the battery and then re-insert it.
          2. Press and hold the Volume Down key and then press the  Power key.
          3. When the screen with the three Androids appears, release the  Volume Down key. Some green text may load before the menu settings, so wait for the menu options to appear.
          4. Press the Volume Down key to select Clear Storage.
          5. Press the Power key.
          6. Press the Volume Up key for YES to delete all user data.
          7. If you are prompted to restore settings, select Cancel.


          Second way:

          1.  Turn off Device - Pull battery if needed

          2.  Hold the home and back button

          3.  Turn on the device - do not hold down the power button

          4.  You will see a screen with three androids skateboarding and the fastboot screen

          5.  If Clear data is already highlighted, push the trackball

          6.  Data will clear

          7.  Reboot system by pressing the green Send key


               Should these reset steps not successfully get you back into the phone, we would want to look into exchange/upgrade options with you.


          Thanks for using T-Force



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            Okay, yeah, I think I need to get a new one lol. I tried the first step already, as I had to reset my phone once before and remembered that, the second way just took me into the bootloader menu and then eventually through the hard-reset (I believe the second way is for the regular MyTouch, as you mentioned the trackball). Thanks for trying though

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              Same issues here, nothing works, you have to replace the phone, and according to t-mobile they are "unaware" of the issue.  I'm on my 4th mytouch but promise you its also the last.  Tired of having to reset and loose everything and reinstall.  T-mobile doesnt make this right then hello us cellular or verizon here I come, after 7+ years I'm about done!!!!!!!!