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    Help i purchased the new Rocket USB stick & Got RIPP OFF by a T-Mobile Store.

      I got  RIPP-OFF by a T-mobile store that's INSANE!


      I went in on saturday  to purchase the 4G Rocket Prepaid Internet Hotspot USB stick & After speaking to the sales man the first thing i ask is can you please make sure there is coverage in my adress as i want to be 100% sure before i purchase it because that's where i'll be using it in my apartment.  He check his PC and said "Oh Yes no worries there is FULL 4G coverage in your adress how lucky are you and even the whole area around it "  he even started talking on how he lives close by and drives around my area and has always had internet service, Completely convincing! He also said once you get home simply connect the usb to your laptop and that's it and if for any reason you have problems i wrote you our technical support number on the receipt papers. Could you believe that once i get home and install it i had NONE ZERO NADA bars, I called the number he provided thinking it could be a technical issue as the sales man seem very honest so i though it was something they can fix, Well guest what?  As soon as the rep on the phone checked my adress he said, "We throughly apollogize as they wheren't supposed to tell you there was coverage or sell it to you knowing you specificly was going to use it at your home when they know there was no service there" I was i shock! He said there really was nothing he can do as there simply insn't no bars showing to please go return it for full refund and was even so nice to warn me that some  T-mobiles don't want to refund the prepaid card even if they know you dint use it but said that in my case i was missinformed and was clearly ripp-off so he figuered the manager would do the correct thing and refund my money and even said sorry T-mobile couldn't be my provider.


      Well i go in expecting the same customer service as when i purchased it, Oh no! The person told me they will NOT refund my card only the usb stick that he really tried to go around the system as he knew i paid a total of $117 the day before but that he wasn't able to do so in other words "Sorry" we can't help. I responded, Are you serious? You mean you actually know i was completely sold something i couldn't use when i specificly ask if i could and you won't refund my money. He then change to "Oh well my map on the PC shows FULL coverage so we dint lie to you" I said oh yeah then why don't you drive to my house and check or better yet call the same technical support you guys told me to call, He was like well i can't call him he's wrong i don't know why technical support can't see what we see on our map....blah..blah.. but that's a lie because before they came to talk to me i heard them while the two guys where on the computer seeing the map one was saying why does it show coverage but there is none and the other one was telling him why there was no coverage and how the sales person could had though there was but there wasn't and even explain it to him in technical terms... I was totally scam by this company, He refunded only the USB stick and the monthly pre-paid card he had sign me up wich i paid $50 he dint refunded &  I guess they will re-sell it as  he knew i dint use it.  I never even saw a card he said everything was activated i just go home to plug usb stick and surf the web just go every month and pay $50 at his store, I said why isn't this prepaid don't i get a card or can i buy the card anywhere else. He said Yes is prepaid you can buy card but is best you just pay here. I'm so upset! What gets me so mad is how SHADY & very rude that was to lie to me and then say oh well there's nothing you can do we don't care if you purchase this yesterday and couldn't get coverage we are keeping your money. But that's where he is wrong, I do have a right!


      So i'm starting a couple of things as the store manager hasn't even worried to contact me or i guess he doesn't care about refunding my money.  If the store manager doesn't contact me in 3 days as the person said he is supposed to be in the store  tomorrow i'm starting on my plan to help others  don't go through what i went through.


      ---------------------> If you have other ideas please help and share them with me<--------------------------------------- He mess with the wrong person, I'm VERY motivated!  Im filling a BBB report if they are registered there. Contacting my lawyer to take them to small court, On to make a Ripp off Alert, Yelp review, All merchant websites review, Youtube Video (all my subcribers are spreading it) My 100's thousands bloggers are gonna blog,re-post,twitt & facebook share. I also have a small wedding favor business so my team is banning that store by not purchasing ever again from that T-mobile. The graphic design guy is building a website where he is going to alert others on how that T-mobile store lies about there being coverage in that area just to get you to buy it knowing full well there's not, he's also a expert at ranking #1 in google so he has no problem ranking it in less then 24hours & is getting his brother who works as a writer on a big NP company on our area to plublish the story on the NewsPaper on how i was missinformed and treated. You may say this seems to much for only $50 but is not, What if i had paid the whole year in advance would they had done the same thing, No doubt! They ripp me off and think that they don't have to take responsibility for there lier salesman. If you have other ideas please share them this is just the begining we need all the ideas we can, I'm gonna get my point across to the store owner that NO is not ok to ripp-off a hard working honest person. Thank You!