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    Can't Send Picture Messages

      I think it has to do with the APN settings.  How do I input that into my phone?  Or what are some settings that work?

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               Sorry to hear that MMS isn't working on your HTC Radar.  If you have a data plan that is currently getting a strong data signal, and have plenty of room on your phone, then it just might be your APN settings.  A master reset will restore the correct APN settings to your phone, and the correct APN settings are as follows;


          1. Press the Menu > Settings > Wireless controls > Mobile networks > Access Point Names.
          2. Press the Menu key.
          3. Tap New APN.
          4. Select Name: and enter T-Mobile.
          5. Select APN: and enter epc.tmobile.com.
          6. Select MMSC: and enter http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc.
          7. Select MMS protocol: and select WAP 2.0.
          8. Select MCC: and select 310.
          9. Select MNC: and select 260.
          10. Select APN type: and enter default,supl,admin,dun,mms.
            • Note: MMS proxy, MMS port, Authentication type, Proxy, Port, Username, Password, and Server should remain blank.
          11. Press the Menu key
          12. Touch Save.


               If the above steps have been completed, and you are still having the MMS issue, please feel free to private message me by clicking my name and then the "send private message" on the right with some more account details.


          Thanks for contacting T-FORCE.


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            Thanks for your answer, but I am bit confused. My WP7 does not have "settings > wireless controls" I do have "settings", but under "settings" there is no "wireless controls" tab or option. Hope you could provide more info. Thanks.

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              Your right, there is not a way to edit existing APN.  You can add a new one.  For this issuer if it's still ongoing, I would like you to call into support 800-937-8997  Call in on a different line so we can troubleshoot the issue further.

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                OK. I have finally figured it out. I have also posted this elsewhere.

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                If you have trouble sending a picture with your text. You need to check whether your data is on. NOT WiFi. When you send a picture, your text uses MMS and it uses your data plan and not WiFi. For all other simple text uses SMS, and it does not use your data.


                In Sum:

                1. Picture with text uses MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) = and MMS uses your data plan. Therefore turn your data on. MMS does not use your WiFi. Go to "Settings" -> "cellular" -> "data connection" tap "on"


                2. Texts without pictures use SMS (Short Message Service) = and it does not use your data plan. Therefore you could have set your cellular data "off."


                3. Also to RECEIVE text with pictures (MMS) = you need have your smartphone data plan "ON". If it is "OFF" then you will see the message, "Can't get media content."

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                  Yeah basically what papias said. I figured this out shortly after posting this. lol.

                  I always turn off my Data Connection when not in use to save battery.