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    How do I keep my keypad active during a call

      When I call a number that has a menu of choices requiring me to make a keypad entry (press 5 to speack toa real live person) The keypad has gone blank and doesn't appear simoly by tapping the display. I have to press the power switch to bring the display back to life.

      I have read the manula and tried every menu in the phone but nothiong says it will do this.

      This is my first "smart" phone and it seems rather stupid to me so far.

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          I thought my phone type would be shown, sorry.

          It is an LG G2X [P999] Android 2.3.3

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            This is the proximity sensor

            Step 1 if the screen will not come back up, remove the battery.  powercycle the phone.

            remove any screen protectors, protective coverings on the device.


            repeat call

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              I took the screen protector off and that had an effect when using the phone next to my ear. When using the phone in speaker-phone mode, the screen goes blank and the phone goes to sleep. I have to touch the power switch and slide the phone icon to use wither the keypad or to hang up/disconnect the call. Somehow LG needs to keep the phone awake and keypad alive during the entire call period so one can hang up when done, no mater what mode the phone is in.

              It is just plain stupid to have to use the power switch to wake the phone up so you can hang up a call.

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                Usually when the party you are talking with hangs up it will end the call on you end. Yes it is an extra step to wake the phone, but the call has ended.

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                  The screen turning off is a power saving feature, since the display uses a lot power every Androind phone does this, but you can set the screen timeout to a longer interval. Also if you are not using the phone as a speaker phone the display will turn on when you move it away from your ear and back off when you move it back, the screen turns off so you don't accidentally press buttons with your face.


                  I want to say the default timeout is 30seconds, to change the timeout simply goto settings, display, screen timeout. You can set it to anywhere from 30seconds to 30 minutes, this should keep the phone awake longer when you are using it as a speakerphone.

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                    It is true, most of the time, when the other phone hangs up your phone will too, but that is not 100% of the time.

                    I think it is a programming problem for a phone to be in a state that has to have the power switch presed and a pass code entered to access the display and keypad, if required. I use the phone in speaker phone mode a lot. All my previous phones never turned off the display and keypad when in speaker phone mode.

                    This is a very annoying problem for a lot of people that use their phone in there business. It should not be dificult to program the phine to NOT SLEEP when on a call.

                    I guess I will just have to be annoyed till I can afford a new phone.

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                      WTF?  It's annoying and sucks but  It's an Lg firmware issue and can't be changed on some models

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                        And it's not a proximity sensor, It's an accelerometer that senses the phones position and movement so you don't accidentally activate touch screen buttons with your ear and hang up on your caller. But its sluggish when the processor is over tasked sometimes.

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                          There are two issues at play here. 


                          First, there is a proximity sensor that detects if you put the phone to your ear.  At that point, it blanks the screen to keep your ear from screwing up your call or running apps.  When you pull the phone away from your ear, the screen comes back and you can hang up.  The only glitch that occurs in this is if you have a screen protector that's covering the proximity sensor in the upper left of the phone.


                          The second issue is when you use the phone with a headset.  In this case, after dialing a call or accepting a call, the phone will still fade and then go blank.  The only way to come back from this is to press the power button.  Needless to say, there's no good reason for the phone to blank if you're not holding it to your ear.   Worse, there is no setting that clears this problem or sets a timeout.


                          There are two ways I've found to deal with this.  First, you can rest your finger on the screen during your call.  This will stop the screen from blanking.  Second, you can hit the Home key and move away from the keypad.  When you want to end the call, you can hit the Phone button to go back to the keypad or you can pull down from the top bar where you can end the call.