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Galaxy S2 wifi Hotspot Frustration

Long time owner of the Galaxy 3G which I loved save for the GPS issues. Had and used the WiFi hotspot frequently with no issues. Upgraded to the Galaxy S2 late last month. Since I upgraded the phone I have been on with tech support (no avail) and in the corporate store (replaced phone, still no issue resolution).


So heres the skinny:

  • Configured and set SSID and have configured as an open network. (there isnt alot to change here)
  • Launch the Hotspot app, get notice that stated that Data will not function on the phone while Hotspot is active (this was new, as the old 3G version had connection while tethering was turned on, but OK..
  • Hotspot app launches, get notification that it is running (icon on top of screen)
  • Attach device to new SSID and it will receive an IP address, however there is NO internet connection. (have tried multiple devices ranging from laptops, android table, other wifi enabled cell phones, same result). After approx 5 minutes the Hotspot turns itself off.
  • Removed SIM card (it is the new updated SIM that came with the new phone on 12/22/11) and installed into my old Galaxy 3G and the Hotspot functions correctly and allows internet access as needed both from the device and from my Tablet or Laptop simultaniously, no problem. This indicates its not an account or SIM issue IMO.
  • I have the hotspot feature as well as the Unlimited 2G/4G Internet service on my plan and have verified with customer service.



Frustrated, and seeing that others have been having this issue with the new phone on other forums, but not seeing much specifically within T-Mobile itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I use this frequently and frankly hate paying for something that I cant use.





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    Are you using the same SSID between the two devices?  And are you using the same security methodology (WPA, WEP, etc)?


    I recently upgraded routers.  I kept the SSID the same and the passphrase the same, but accidentally changed from WEP to WPA.  It would think it was connected (even showed an IP address), but I could not do anything until I updated the security information in my Windows box.


    Of course, the same router has also given me more recent problems that after about two or three weeks, it'll decide it doesn't want to create any new connections for devices, even though they get a valid IP and that, but that's a different story.



    My suggestions:

      - Reboot [everything].  I'm sure you probably tried this

      - Try a different SSID and reconfigure a fresh connection (I've seen stale SSID information cause problems in other areas as described above)

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    I used the same SSID and no encryption..


    Mind you this is not an issue with my phone connecting to WiFi (i.e. like at home, or work using the land based internet access, this works fine), its the use of the WiFi Hotspot function of the phone where WiFi enabled devices can connect to the internet using my Cell phone as a router and use TMO internet service that I pay for. And to reiterate I do pay for the unlimited 2G service and the the WiFi Hotspot feature and it does work on my old Galaxy 3G phone if I insert my new Sim card that came with me GS2 into that old phone. It just wont work on the new GS2.

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    Yeah -- I know -- I was just giving an example of my home wifi and the frustrations I had, trying to correlate them.


    Try a different SSID for S&G.  See if that resolves it.

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    When testing at the Corporate Store, I did a factory reset which changed the SSID back to the random "AndroidAP5637" or whatever and still no change. They then replaced the phone with a new one, also with a random
    "AndroidAPxxxx" SSID and no dice.


    Just trying to put asa much info as possible out there, and with all the reading I've been doing there seems to be a fair amount of confusion on the subjects of WiFi access, WiFi Calling, Tethering and WiFi Hotspots. Thats why I clarified.


    I am a Network and systems engineer and have a fair grasp of the issue as far as whats in my control. Seems to be an issue with the routing function of this phone, but aside from changing the SSID and encryption of the feature, there isnt too much that can be edited.

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    By the way, thank you for offering advice, I dont want you to think I dont appreciate it!!



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    That is super strange.


    I've never used my device for WiFi tethering (or any tethering), so I can't be much more use than what I suggested.


    I guess the next question is "does USB tethering work?" (not that USB tethering helps you with your tablet, but it's another step to figure out where the problem specifically lies?)


    I hope someone else has some other ideas.  Especially someone who has used WiFi Hotspot.


    Especially since you've stated you DO have teh 14.99 tethering plan.

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    I have 2 SGS2 on our family plans. Both have unlimited talk, text and 5GB data plus the Wi-Fi sharing premium for each phone. The hot spot works very well. I do not use it much because I have Wi-Fi both at home and work. I do switch it on at my Gym and watch Netflix on my iPad.  I use the new SIM which i activated after plugging in. I also updated my software and Wi-Fi calling also works great. I would have hoped T-mobile would charge something decent like $10 for this service, because it is way overpriced and I am not sure I may continue this after a few more months of use.

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    Well its good to know they are working for someone!!


    I do a fair amount of mission critical remote based computer support and need access no matter what. Not always convenient to go looking for a Starbucks to have internet. Generally on it once every other day or 2 (when it worked!)

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    The Galaxy S II actually has protocals in it to prevent hotspot usage by those without a hotspot plan. So does the latest HTC phone (whose name escapes me at the moment). Gone are the days of using a little and not paying. Unless you're running a custome ROM without that limitation.

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    So I called them again and received help fgrom a knowledgable person. He was able to identify something that was incorrectly setup on my account that was preventing my phone from access the net. Working fine now! jaylanphnx is absolutely correct as the phone blocked access thinking that it was not a "paid account".





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    See what happens when you get accused for not paying!  You get helped!


    I had thought I read in one of your earlier posts that you have the option on your account.


    But, I've seen in more than one occasion that something doesn't get set up 100% correctly (usually they have to remove then re-add it).


    Definitely glad you have it, even though we got an earful from you about paying for it

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    Oh I had a subscription to the Hotspot service and was being billed for it, however something was misconfigured on their end..... All the other techs that looked at it missed this misconfiguration I guess. Who knows, but its working now and I can breathe a bit easier

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    And here all these people get mad that they can't do wifi or tether for free and you've got a legitimate beef.

    Glad it got worked out.

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    Hi, you mind telling me what he told you, because I have the same problem. I want to know how to fix it without rooting my phone.

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