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Can I keep my old phone number?

I am interested in buying a new phone.  This may not specifically apply to Nokia, but the phone I have now is a Nokia and I am planning on getting another Nokia.  Am I able to keep the same number from my current phone?

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         That's a great question.  Your SIM card is your phone number's connection to the mobile network.  If you are placing your T-Mobile SIM card from one T-Mobile phone into another T-Mobile phone, you will keep the same number, no matter what brand of phone you are using. 

         If another provider is porting your number over to T-Mobile, we can set that number onto a T-Mobile SIM card for you, or if a non-T-Mobile phone has been unlocked, to take a T-Mobile SIM card, your SIM/number can be used in the unlocked phone as well.


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    When I put my old sim card in the phone. It didn't recognize it.

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         I'm sorry to hear that, but the information I gave is still true.  If the SIM card is currently connected to an active T-Mobile account, works in other phones, and was inserted correctly, it will work in a new phone.  If the phone fails with different activated SIM cards, it's a problem with the phone.  If the SIM card fails in more than one phone, it's probably a problem with the SIM.  I'd like to take a deeper look into this issue, so feel free to private message me anytime (please include the number from the SIM card you are trying to use and any error message that you are getting) by clicking my name and then the "send private message" on the right


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