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    phone overheating

      I was changing my phone the other day and it was next to me as I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up and the screen and back of the phone were extremely hot. So hot i thought it was going to damage the phone. I quickly unplugged it and tried to absorb the heat with my hands. It has only over heated that one time that I am aware of. It seems so strange and random. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

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          Are you using a task killer app? (Should not, FYI)


          Are you using the charger that came with the device?


          Was it being charged near a heat source of any kind? (Baseboard heater, space heater, etc)

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            Using the origional charger it came with. It was next to my body while I slept on the couch. No task killer or anything else. Only using NoLED.

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              That is odd. This is one of the coolest-running phones I've used. It's most likely the heat was from the battery rather than the processor, but even when charging my GS2 doesn't usually get hot. Playing a graphics-intense game while charging used to make my Sensation nearly smoke, but the GS2 rarely makes it to 100F. If it doesn't happen again, I wouldn't sweat it.

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                I had a similar thing happen with my GS2.  I switched to keeping my cell phone in my left-front pants pocket (away from my keys, in the other pocket - so it wouldn't get scratched).  I also keep my wallet in my left-front, and the phone was sandwiched between the wallet and my thigh.  I was sitting in such a way that the phone had no way of venting heat.  I stood up and started walking... and my leg felt like it was being toasted.  So I pulled out the GS2 and checked the temperature of the battery... 104 degrees.  Something must have been sucking more current from the battery than usual (or the G2S heat had no way of escaping and caused an accumulation of heat).


                So... if anyone knows of settings (or apps) that cause the GS2 to run hotter than normal... it would be good to know.

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                  Mine does that too?? Have you figured out what to do?

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                    When in doubt, give the phone a full reboot.  Could be some process that's going crazy.  Either that, or is it possible it's got a VERY poor signal and is searching? That'll heat up the battery quite a bit as well.

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                      Heat comes from two different sources in these devices: 1) The processor, like any CPU, generates heat when it's running 2) The battery generates heat as part of the chemical process that stores and releases electricity. Rinthos above gives an example of each kind, the processor generating excess heat when some process or app gets stuck (reboot to fix), and the battery generating heat when the phone is expending a lot of energy trying to boost signal. I think the OP's battery heat was from some glitch in feeding power to that battery during charging (just a mildly educated guess).